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Illogicopedia is similar to many other things that exist out there in Reality Land, also known as the Real World, Real Life, RL, or that thing you have that really sucks. This list is intended to inform you about those things.

  This section is semi-logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be semi-bored.  
  Semi-Sensible Section  

What Illogicopedia is Like, Likes and Can Be Likened Unto[edit | edit source]

  • We totally PWN literary nonsense, random humour, surreal humour, meta-jokes, deadpan, portmanteau, 'pataphysics, non sequitur, purposeful misspellings / bad grammar and really really bad puns. Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
    • We typically do NOT depend on what are technically called "jokes" however.
  • Many times, people, places and/or things are specifically (and often awkwardly) described as real or actual when it's plainly obvious that they are not. This means we sometimes publish blatant lies, even though we know they're not true, and the end readers know they're not true, and we know the end readers know they're not true, and the end readers know we know they know we know they know we know they're not true, so please stop calling me!
  • We obviously parody, spoof and make fun of the news and culture generally, both current and historic. While we are not documenting the real world, much of what we write is influenced by it.
    • However, we take Francis E. Dec completely seriously. That man is/was our only hope for a future.
  • Schizophasia is my mother said hey get down from that toadpipe presidential election!

In Literature[edit | edit source]

In Music[edit | edit source]

In Movies[edit | edit source]

  • Spaceballs parodies the science-fiction genre, while Epic Movie parodies the Epic genre.

In Art[edit | edit source]

In Science[edit | edit source]

Online[edit | edit source]

Illogicopedia in comparison to other wikis[edit | edit source]

The main focus of Illogicopedia is randomness, silly humour and nonsense; as the name suggests, things that are ?logical. Though it is often humorous, and humor value is valued, it is not the main goal.

Free-licensed wiki content that is suited for Illogicopedia but does not fit its current location, such as nonsense on Wikipedia and random humor rejected from Uncyclopedia, can be imported to this wiki.

Differences from Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia is entirely different from Illogicopedia (and every other humour wiki) in that Wikipedia's primary goal is to provide an encyclopedia as a useful reference source. Wikipedia is not intended to be funny or nonsensical at all. Any nonsense or humour is deleted from Wikipedia (and rightfully so), as Wikipedia has no place for it.

Differences from Uncyclopedia[edit | edit source]

Generally, "funny stuff" that isn't random belongs on Uncyclopedia. Humour (mostly of the random kind) is second priority here, whereas Uncyclopedia's main goal is humour value of a broader selection of forms. Uncyclopedia has a fair share of random humor, and thus there is overlap between the two; Illogicopedia is however less strict regarding the quality of its content, accepting things that would be deemed too silly and nonsensical for Uncyclopedia.

The opposite is true as well; much of the content of Uncyclopedia, though humorous, wouldn't fit here. In short, Uncyclopedia is for smarter, more cultured comedy; Illogicopedia is for the kind of content that flies around in chain emails. Illogicopedia could be termed a "working man's wiki", for which the content would be more accessible. Saying that, we are not just Uncyclopedia's all-purpose rubbish bin - we really appreciate well-written illogical articles; not just leftover scraps from the Uncyclopedian table. On a final note Uncyclopedia strictly enforces that all articles must be a finished product, that is a well set-out long comedic parody with links to other articles and images. Though this is readily acceptable in Illogicopedia, we will accept shorter articles, as well as streams of nonsense - this isn't a call for everyone to start writing sub-standard articles just because they won't be deleted, rather a call to relax a little when writing.

Differences from the Encyclopedia Dramatica[edit | edit source]

We endorse nonsense largely for the sake of being nonsensical. Apart from being more coherent, Encyclopedia Dramatica has a rather mocking tone, often going for shock value and aiming to offend. It has a fair share of, as we would deem it, vanity and libel, which would be seriously frowned upon here. It also has spam in excess, which, though nonsensical, is not in the style we are primarily aiming for.

Differences from political satire wikis[edit | edit source]

Once again, our primary aim is not humor value; unless it is nonsensical to a large degree, political humor is better fit for politics-related wikis such as Liberapedia.

Differences from TV Tropes[edit | edit source]

Tropes are required to be things that occur as a pattern in media. TV Tropes articles are typically followed by a long list of instances. Illogicopedia would probably accept most TV Trope articles but not the lists, and does not require the concept of an article to be something found in media. It is quite possible that you could invent a trope by writing an Illogicopedia article.

Lack of differences from wikiHowl[edit | edit source]

HowTo seems to be pretty much the same crap as wikiHowl. There isn't much difference really, and in fact they should probably merge with us.

Differences from The Hitchhiker's Guide to Earth[edit | edit source]

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Earth purports to actually cover real life, merely in a humorous fashion as well as contain some Douglas Adams centric in-jokes. It covers, "Life, the Universe and Everything" while Illogicopedia, on the other hand, is the definitive guide to nonsense, your imagination and nothing of any practical use.

Differences from The Apocalypse Wiki[edit | edit source]

The Apocalypse Wiki covers the real world ending in a humorous way, while Illogicopedia does not concern itself with such trivial matters as reality.

  1. Well, at least we've banished Reason .... for a season.
  2. Jack Nicholson's portrayal made the Joker an artist and Mark Hamil's portrayal made the Joker genuinely funny before Heath Ledger made him much more dark and less artsy.