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exactly what it says on the tin - articles i've made

Created by 80Gallons[edit]

Created by Senny, Part 1[edit]

Created by Senny, Part 2[edit]

Files Created by Senny[edit]

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articles i plan on making/article ideas so dont steal these ideas pls kthx[edit]

sports-related things[edit]

  • Falling down the stairs (under "illogical sports" in template)
  • (under "related topics" in template)
  • Anarchist Golfing Association ("illogical sports"/"related topics" in template)
  • Duck duck goose (cw: "The only game yet created where the winner, indeed, becomes the duck") (under "logical sports" in template)

illogicountries, places, etc[edit]

  • Where's Colorado?
  • IllogiCountry:Soviet Florida (redirect is "Soviet Florida")
  • Wanglish (language)
  • Atomosphere

disorganized ideas/concepts[edit]

  • (something involving dustbusters)
  • seagull jesus dustbuster
  • Shut Up, Petey (and/or) Shut Up, Jimmy
  • Automatic Rug Generator™
  • How to Dinnerware Your Way to Nirvana
  • American Association of Bow Chicka Wow Wow (AABCWW)
  • Electrified chinchilla-flavoured mocha
  • 1934 Ford Escort
  • A socially inappropriate octopus
  • imaginary floor smores
  • scrampled eggs
  • The Shallow End of the Gene Pool
  • 17,493 Books - books. piles and pile of books. she had counted them all. she had 17,493 books.
  • Free-range catfish blueberry pancakes
  • Subscription to Insanity

things related to other articles[edit]

  • If hunger wastes all our money, how do we get to Houston?
  • The devil is deep and frozen
  • Super ulltra mega kitty
  • Uncle Bango / Sedisto Nedisto / A Strange Obsession with Madagascar (and then some)
  • Hilarious Lemons / Lemonade fruit
  • six percent blueberry custard / warm soapy clorox water (for Pisspond)
  • Living in a Tin Can / How can feeling? (with an actual tin can ofc)

hardly-formed concepts, feel free to collab on these[edit]

  • Coma Tuesday
  • This is a GIFT
  • Crisis in the Litterbox
  • Can You Pick Up My Spine?
  • We were all my way,which I will share this weekend is no reason that we. Jetpack plugin is not there??? What happened when you're here with your riotous mongoose! And then they go
  • If I put him in the boiler, does it smell like cabbage? He took my clothes and my motorcycle!
  • something related to the phrase "bright green like the wales/whales"; fun factor increased if "wales" is used
  • Tulibu dibu douchoooo
  • Blump
  • Into the Oven
  • but i poop from there
  • Eight freakin' hours
  • Fire tree
  • God on heroin
  • shuttupance
  • Space Fable (epic-worthy)
  • that thing Grandma Ellen did in 1974 - oOoO! dRaMa!
  • rainbow killer whale
  • Psycho Holiday
  • African epic
  • Mrs. Obama, I Don't Feel So Good
  • Mister Squiggle

hnnnnmmmg coconut crab!!! HEE HOO HA HA[edit]

  • Candy blunt / Blunt stall
  • Love in the Time of Cholera
  • Tree automaton
  • The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
  • Waterfall model
  • Welcome to the Monkey House
  • Crack Head
  • Bulletboy
  • He Long Walk
  • Bucket sort
  • Dream of the Red Lantern
  • Drunken Marmosets / Non drunken marmosets
  • Prussian Crow
  • Battle of the Camel
  • Desperation Samba (Halloween in Tijuana)
  • It's Just A Ride
  • Submarine the Turtle
  • Environmental wacko
  • Das Kapital (cw: "moon boom")
  • Cafe wall illusion (cw: "CLUB LIQUID")
  • Macintosh raincoat
  • Like nailing jelly to a tree
  • Stuff happens! Hey there Fhqwhgads! Hey there Fh-qw-h-gads! Everybody to the limit!
  • Ate peaches for fun. I love peaches. Look at these! They are peaches.
  • It tastes like chicken, only with secret sause!
  • Dysentery Gary
  • Clash With Reality
  • Primal Concrete Sledge
  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes
  • The Moon is Down
  • Angel Pavement
  • Blue diaper syndrome ("Communism and old people." -- thank you, (make it whatever though, idc)
  • Bloop bloop bloop
  • Alpine butterfly loop
  • Which is really, really weird
  • Blowin' in the Wind
  • hee hoo ha ha (alternatively, "HEE HOO HA HA")
  • Helium broth
  • Hic-a-doo-la
  • Pigeon painter
  • The lord of the Reading Room
  • Thought Bomb (content was: "hmmm")
  • Moon ducks
  • Saturday Surprises

hnnnnmmmg coconut crab!!! HEE HOO HA HA!! ELECTRIC BOOGALOO[edit]

  • Ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang
  • Ooo my toe hurts
  • I love the smell of a microwave made of melted cheese
  • The sound of food processors deeply disturb me
  • Glue is my favorite beverage
  • The IRS loves me and this is how I repay them
  • Mr. Poot was arrested at the rave and is in the drunk tank now
  • Obviously, I am confused at what my destiny on the internet should be
  • I can fit my head inside a traffic light
  • Feral Vomit Noises
  • I love to play soccer in the summer
  • Chickenman of Krankor
  • Not the New York Stock Exchange!!!!
  • Hugging muffins
  • Scrumdiddlyumptious
  • Vomiting passengers
  • With 10,000 twisties I shall build you the Eiffel Tower
  • Hankering for a monogrammed kleenex
  • No, I mean it. Give me back my cheese. I didn't say you could have it, so give it back.
  • Dunkin' Dingbats
  • Bayooooouuu-yorble-yorble-yorble
  • On second thought, could you make it....a cheeseburger?
  • I don't know why but I just have to paint all the bricks on my front lawn some royal puke green color
  • Uh oh I need to change my tomatoes
  • Eating hotdogs at the baseball game
  • Great googly moogly
  • I send emails to myself for no reason
  • Oh look, I made a boo boo
  • Summertime sunshine
  • Running is my favorite pastime especially when I'm competing against the floating skyscraper from a city of Burgundy
  • Incoherency is my specialty
  • Playground the Insult
  • Drama in the Chicken Coop
  • George washington secret affair
  • I treat every jar of laundry detergent like one of my children
  • I treat every oxygen molecule I breathe in as one of my children

WAPs WIPs (works in progress)[edit]