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I am awesome. And I wonder how hasn't ANYONE claimed that username... But on other sites I am randomdude999 (when there is a 12-character limit I am randomdud999). And did I tell you already that I am awesome? If not, then I am awesome. (Oh, and by the way, I'm kind of a part-time web developer, that's why this page looks epic)
Last updated on 13:53, 6 Jeremy 2019.
I made IllogiGames:The Maze all on my own!
IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL ME: If it's not important, message me. If it's important, email me.
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“This user is AWESOME.”

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“I'm from Estonia! Lol!”

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UPDATES[edit | edit source]

Update #9

Webdevs + laziness = solutions!

Just automated the 'last updated by' section and added a search and create box.

Update #8

Finished IllogiGames:The Maze, go check it out! (BTW there is a hidden map xD)

Update #7

I'm a panthom! THX these users!

Update #6

Added some quotes

Update #5

Redesigned the talk page

Update #4

Added 'My Userspace' section

Update #3

Figured out headings DO work in templates, they just need a new line :D

Update #2

Figured out headings don't work in templates :)

Update #1

Added this page and huge update to main page :)

MY USERBOXES[edit | edit source]

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BB15 This user participated in Big Brrother 2015.
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<HTML> <a href="#">This user</a> is a <b>web developer</b>.

NOTES[edit | edit source]

Hey! Are you tired of having that crappy default signature when everyone around you has AWESOME ones? If yes, then I can make you a signature that'll make almost EVERYONE jealous! Contact me at my talk page here! It should be ready in 1-2 days, depending on the request.

I can also make you a cool user page if you want! Contact me also at my talk page! These usually take a lot of time, so be patient!

MY CONTRIBUTIONS[edit | edit source]

15 Serpeniver 2015

13 Serpeniver 2015

11 Serpeniver 2015

10 Serpeniver 2015

10 Yoon 2015

9 Yoon 2015

8 Yoon 2015

5 Yoon 2015

4 Yoon 2015

3 Yoon 2015

30 Aym 2015

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23 Aym 2015

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