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Hi man. Firstly I have to reiterate that we all appreciate your kindness in offering us a place on your servers, we're all massively grateful for it. Also, you've been a real help in importing articles, images etc. so far, and cheers for that! Youdaman, man.

However, there seems to be a (small) problem. I haven't looked into it much because my internet is running really slow this weekend, but it looks like the input boxes are screwed, ever so slightly. For example, the ones at the forum display an error message and the ones at Vote for Feature are acting weird. Doubtless this is something to do with slight differences between the extensions. I'm thinking it's just a few tweaks here and there needed to fix things, but could you shed some light on this matter for me? Thanks. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 13:20, 9 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Ah! So it was my shoddy formatting then ;). Thanks for clearing that one up. Another question: any way of retaining our edits (as in, edit count rather than just contribs) from the old wiki? A few users have asked me about it and I told them it's unlikely. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 16:35, 9 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Hmm... that is weird - [1] indicates correct edit counts on a per-namespace basis and then gets the final grand total wrong. Another bug? --Carlb 16:49, 9 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Also, if I check any IP address, It'll give me the edit count for the IP I'm on --Elassint 16:52, 9 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
For me, the edit count is all weird. If it had ported the correct number of edits from the Wikia wiki, there'd be a lot more than that - I'd say it hasn't retained the edits. The erroneous percentages could be something to do with the fact I moved a load of game articles to the Gamespace. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 16:58, 9 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Could be that the extension itself is doing something incorrectly, such as searching contributions by user number instead of user name? That would give plenty of wrong answers if tried on IP contribs... --Carlb 17:13, 9 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

I checked and it's working (to an extent) for users who have not re-registered on the new wiki. Once the user signs up under their old name, all their edits are wiped and the counter starts afresh again. I reckon that if we could have found a way to import usernames and passwords we could have got around this, possibly. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 17:15, 9 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
The database normally stores a username and a user number. The user number is meaningless except for registered users - not sure why the extension even looks at it; generating the counts from contributions for a username, however, should be a possiblity. -- 18:12, 9 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Creative Commons <> GFDL[edit source]

I received an email from Wikia this morning. They said a bunch of things, but the most important was that the licenses used on this site are "not legally compatible with the GFDL". Jeebs! We don't want to be sued by Wikia... any chance of changing the site's license to GFDL? -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 11:33, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

As far as I know, insofar as Illogicopedia is using material under various free licenses obtained from existing wiki sources, the legal situation is:

  • Anything taken from Uncyclopedia (en, pt, ja, zh-tw, nl, ko, cs and a few others) is indeed under a non-commercial licence, CC-BY-NC-SA. The same is true of Memory Alpha - a free resource licensed for non-commercial use only. It is *not* GFDL and anything adapted from it (for instance, by translating it into Spanish or Polish and posting to Uncyclopedias in those languages) does infringe the original author's copyright if Wikia is displaying those translations as somehow being GFDL.
  • Anything taken from Wikipedia or various Wikia with a similar license is GFDL.

The two licenses are similar in many respects - both allow work to be reused for free, and modified, provided that the new version remains under the same free license. The key difference is that GFDL allows commercial use, Uncyclopedia's CC-BY-NC-SA does not. This means:

  • In order to comply with the non-commercial license, any material taken - in whole or part - from Uncyclopedia must remain under the non-commercial license. To take an Uncyclopedia article, translate it to Polish and post it to Nonsensopedia as GFDL (for instance) is stealing - unless you are the original author, the text isn't yours to license for commercial use.
  • Copying text in the opposite direction (for instance, wikipedia:list of backronyms -> UnSource:List of acronyms is also problematic, in a lesser way. The original Wikipedia license allows free use of the material, but on the condition that that page remain available for re-use under the same terms (share-alike, in this case under Wikipedia-style GFDL which allows commercial use and abuse).

In all cases, the author of an article can do what they want with the text. It's legally theirs, not Wikia's, Wikipedia's or Uncyclopedia's. However, what Wikia is doing is wrong - every time they create a wiki with the intent that it serve as some other language's Uncyclopedia, by Wikia's using a license that permits commercial use of the content (when they know full well that en.Uncyclopedia's license does not) they are indeed inviting the theft of copyrighted literary works from the authors of the original Uncyclopedia.

Uncyclopedia articles are not licensed for commercial use; unless they have the consent of all original authors, looking the other way while some random user translates the stuff into Polish or Spanish and re-posts it isn't going to change that. The issue has been raised many times before; a case in point being the Slovak Neciklopedia. All of the original Czechoslovakian text was on the Czech Neciklopedie, some of it moved there from Babel:Cs on the English Uncyclopedia. Those projects are under non-commercial license. Wikia therefore continues to deny that the Slovakian wiki is heavily using material moved there from the Czech one.

It would appear that Wikia is trying to evade liability by claiming that they didn't steal the CC-BY-NC-SA content and put it on a GFDL wiki themselves, they just looked the other way while users did so. If Wikia were an ISP or a telephone company - a legal common carrier which just passes messages through without looking at, editing or exercising any control over their content - maybe they could play innocent until each individual author demands this stop. Wikia is not in that position; replace the main page with "This wiki has moved, see (pointer to new wiki offsite)" and Wikia staff will revert you in a North York minute. They've done this to Ikkepedia when they went independent.

If you are concerned about the issue, I would be more than willing to turn the matter over to a lawyer and have it dealt with. I have no objection to GFDL content or even GFDL wikis being hosted here, just so long as the "GFDL" license and insignia are *not* being placed on pages which originated elsewhere under some non-commercial license (for instance, the vast majority of Uncyclopedia pages). I do believe, however, that what Wikia is doing is very wrong and the issue has been raised many times over the last two or more years in connection with Uncyclopedia.

By all means, tag as GFDL what text is known to be from GFDL sources - but only that text. --Carlb 14:40, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

This is nice to know, considering the whole situation is a bit complicated. I'm currently in talks with Seppy over the licensing situation and he too assures me that we can legally use GFDL content under the CC, so there shouldn't be a problem and Wikia would be complete arseholes if they decided to pursue it any further. Excuse my French. :) -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 16:44, 12 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

In any case, given the current issues with Wikia choosing to leave the old wiki open and operate it as a fork of this project, it would be best that the default for license on new pages created here be a non-commercial license and not GFDL or a GFDL look-alike. If Wikia's intention is to fork Illogicopedia, they should have to create their own content and not just plaster advertising onto text scraped from illogicopedia.com; why give them a commercial license so they can fork our projects and put their client's ads onto our content? --Carlb 17:27, 12 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

I believe that unless an actual author wants his or her articles removed, since the site here is pretty much run by the same folks and nobody in the community is objecting to moving to Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, our doing so creates no legal issues. Remember, Wikia doesn't own the content, the authors do. --Nerd42 18:18, 16 Arply 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, I was just thinking that today. However, I think we missed our chance there as since we've pretty much disowned Wackypedia it's unlikely Wikia will listen to us. Worth a try though. -- Hindleyak  ( Blab | Blog )   18:29, 16 Arply 2009 (UTC)
What do you mean "listen to us"? What is there that we need to convince them of? Tell them we will definitely remove any content from any individual author who objects to the license change, just as we would remove any copyrighted content of other kinds that shouldn't be here. Apart from that, if they haven't actually sent us a Cease and Desist letter or otherwise directly threatened to sue us, give them the finger. Legal action is expensive and I'm certain Wikia knows any action against us will be a dead loss to them because we don't have any money. Switching from Stallman's commie license to Lessig's liberal license won't break the internet. --Nerd42 18:57, 16 Arply 2009 (UTC)
Okay, here's the beef, so to speak. Mmmmm... beef... err, um...
For us to regain rights over our work held on their servers, it would first have to be switched to CC -- that is, just the content currently owned by Wikia. Wikia have complete control over everything on their servers so they could very easily say 'well, you're not part of this community anymore so you have no say over this content' and forbid us from relicensing it. You know, we may just have made some powerful enemies :D -- Hindleyak  ( Blab | Blog )   11:46, 17 Arply 2009 (UTC)
Hang on, the content was GFDL. Wikia is free to continue using it and building on it under the GFDL. However, we don't have to "regain" rights over our work because we never lost them. And if the Wikimedia Foundation can take GFDL'd content and CC-ify it, we can too, and there's nothing Wikia can do about it unless they're going to sue the Wikimedia Foundation as well. --Nerd42 15:18, 17 Arply 2009 (UTC)

lol bannage[edit source]

u should make sure to give them an insulting and annoying message when you infiniban :) like this lol --Nerd42 14:59, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

???????????????Why are you vandalizinfg all these pages!???!?!?!--Raggle Fraggle King (My TalkContribs} 16:09, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Raggles what? are you saying carlb is AVRIL TROLL IN DISGUISE!?! ! AHHH?!? Wait no. That was Rapid Fire and that Time again guy. Ok. So ya. --Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 16:16, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Why do they do this? We have absolutely no gripe with Encyclopedia Dramatica. I don't get it, but they are certainly giving their wiki a bad name, if it didn't have a bad enough one already. Also, chickenbutt, I go away for a few hours and this happens? -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 16:17, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
I need revert privalledge! i cant undo all these pages!--Raggle Fraggle King (My TalkContribs} 16:21, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
It was on the list of to-dos, that is, to create a Phantom (rollback) group. The bastards got here first. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 16:26, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
D o it now! why arent you helping me fight the vandal!!! this is like an emergency! holy crap i am freaking out! --Raggle Fraggle King (My TalkContribs} 16:27, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
I can't, there is no rollback group. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 16:28, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
????????????????can u revert??? or can u undo or move pages?!?!?!?!?!? Help hindley! your the only admin avaiible at the moment!--Raggle Fraggle King (My TalkContribs} 16:30, 11 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
I did nothing as I came to the situation a bit late and as such was completely confused. From talking to people in the chatroom and they said they had it under wraps. However, I believe we now have in place the Phantom usergroup. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 16:47, 12 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)
Phantom usergroup confers move and rollback, the Sleepwalker group can move things but otherwise are just ordinary users. We can create additional levels and assign any arbitrary set of privs to each, it seems. --Carlb 17:07, 12 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

History[edit source]

Did you get my email? I'm interested in knowing how things are progressing, if indeed they are. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 12:18, 27 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Got it, took a little longer than expected to respond to this as many of the problems with Wikia go back to at least 2006 (incompatible licenses have been a problem since June 2005, when the first non-English Uncyclopedia was requested and tentatively rejected for having requested CC-BY-NC-SA) and any response that addresses everything back to 2006 (particularly Uncyclopedia and the Babble Project) tends to require a lot of very old information to be dug up and documented. Illogicopedia is just one small piece of a larger puzzle; the recent info is listed on wp:talk:Wikia but there's a much longer history going back at least to Wikia buying the uncyclopedia.org domain, if not further. What changed in 2008 is that, instead of alienating one community at a time Wikia, in its desperation to force more advertising onto the sites, managed to alienate pretty much everyone. Suddenly, we're not taking about some obscure Uncyclopedia in Finnish (Suomi) that one of their staffers forked, but about large numbers of wiki communities getting fed up and moving elsewhere. The Alexa stats show plenty of users until June, then traffic dropping like a rock as disgruntled editors and entire wikis go elsewhere. That gets noticed. --Carlb 18:21, 27 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Thanks ever so much. The debate is heating up at the old Illogic, whether Wikia notice this or not is another matter. Notice how that now Illogicopedia is actually getting some edits, Kyle has completely disappeared? Seems a bit fishy... Still, I remain hopeful of sorting something out, even if it does seem like clutching at straws.
As for the other wikis, W*kia's actions do smack of money grabbing to the unbiased untrained (that is, Un-Wikia-dronificated) eye. I never realised the issue with Uncyclopedia was that large, but I suppose it took something like New Monaco to kick everything up a notch. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 18:41, 27 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

I'd suspect that Wikia has gotten away with a fair amount over the years as, if they're causing problems for one small community (such as a Scandanavian version of Uncyclopedia) the issue is noticed in that one small community - the Suomi-language Hikipedia is entirely independent of the English-language Uncyclopedia, for instance. The New Monaco advertising fiasco, the endless cross-selling attempts and the forking of multiple communities that left after Wikia created that ad-heavy mess affect not just one wiki, but many. All at once. Those who were talking about moving then, if they were at all serious, likely have new independent wikis and new domains now. That makes us momentarily notable only as a representative of a larger group, that of wikis that used to host with Wikia but have now had enough. Even then, Wikia only is newsworthy because of the huge overlap in founding personnel and control with globally-eighth-ranked website Wikipedia. Jimbo loves publicity, but sometimes this lust for fame and fortune can backfire - such as with the publicity directed at Wikipedia earlier this year both for his use of donated funds and for questionable editing of individual biographies. His well-publicised breakup with Rachel Marsden made the Worst 100 Ways to Deliver Bad News list for a reason, after all. The use of Wikia's dealings as a way to expose Wikipedia's co-founder as evil and mercenary has long tempted Wikipedia's critics. The Wikipedia Review stunt which led to Wikia abruptly shutting down the "Spanking Art" wiki is a prime example - the spanking wiki is too small to be of note on its own, but it was targeted to reflect badly on Jimbo, the Wikipedia dude, by Wikipedia's critics. Wikia rolled over and played possum in record time, afraid that its critics might complain to an advertiser. The contrast between that case and this one is painful. --Carlb 19:26, 27 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

A moment of notability is better than nothing :) See, that's the problem. Wikia's refusal to acknowledge the existence of the new independent websites makes it difficult to know exactly how many of their wikis have actually moved to a new home, or simply stopped editing completely. That is, unless you go through the wikis individually searching for comments in forums etc. In this way it's impossible to know how many wikis are closed because Wikia must be keeping them as quiet as possible. Having said this, I would venture to say that Illogicopedia would be the second 'high profile' wiki to move and hopefully kickstart the exodus by making our thoughts known. There's also the issue of Illogic being a creative wiki. In stand-up comedy, there is a code amongst comedians that they do not steal each others' material. Technically it isn't illegal to do so but is bad form on the circuit - I see our situation as us telling Wikia our material and them hogging it for themselves without any real indication of the original community's creators. Again, not illegal but morally objectionable. Maybe Illogic will set a precedent for Uncyclopedia to follow?
I suspect people have mostly been able to tolerate the Wikia Spotlight and the other minor inconveniences but New Monaco was just too much for many. I don't know much about the Spanking Art wiki situation, but from some of those users' comments it seems Wikia were trying to cover their backs on the issue by sweeping things under the carpet. Key word, as you said - advertisers. Money is probably the crux of the whole issue.
Hmm, from this link you gave, maybe the three founders should formally approach Wikia and request the old Illogic be closed down. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 20:14, 27 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Perhaps starting a petition on a site like Petition Online and posting just a link to it from the old (and maybe the new) wiki would be a good idea? Odds are, we could get a reasonable number of active users behind a wikia:Closed Wikia nomination (which Wikia might then promptly ignore, but then we have a record *off Wikia* of the matter to which we could link as evidence of the position of the community). Evidently, if the petition only existed on the old wikia site, Wikia would be free to remove it. Uncyclopedia has mirror.uncyc.org as its backup copy for all the record of the problems since 2006 (so we have the stuff if it were to disappear from the main site), but at this point there are enough complaints that we likely need a computer just to keep track of them all. It's tempting just to gather all the complaint threads from all the disparate sources and create an entire wiki archiving everything in one place. I doubt that fuck.wikia.com would be available as a name as Uncyclopedia already requested the name to replace uncyclopedia.wikia.com, but odds are that something suitable could be created if and when the need arises. --Carlb 21:14, 27 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Further hmm. I have immersed myself in the Spanking Art Wikia discussion (careful) and I still think it's down to advertisers, but I take back the comment about us being the first Wikia community to kick up a fuss about things. Still, people ought to know what they are letting themselves in for when the sign up at Wikia Inc. - it certainly isn't Wikipedia and though it purports to share the same values, it blatantly does not. I may not have much technical knowledge but I will certainly fight for what I think is right, so in me you have a supporter.
Uncyclopedia tried to get f*ck.wikia.com then, eh? :) So, in essence, it would be an anti-Wikia Wikia wiki? Or, at the very least a (less tongue twisting) 'Wikia Warning' site, hosted independently? I don't know if Wikia would take very kindly, but I suppose there's nothing wrong with voicing our opinions on things and just presenting facts. Get the FHEB (Freaking Huge Exercise Book) out... :D -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 21:25, 27 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Yes, the domain was suggested here uncyclopedia:Forum:Uncyclopedia_domain_name#fuck.wikia.com (and cited here) but never implemented. I suppose a domain missing the '.' before 'wikia' would be an option, but it's not quite the same somehow.

It is disturbing to realise that Uncyclopedia's problems with Wikia go back to their inflicting incompatible licensing on fr: as early as 8 June 2005, though. Uncyclopedia was an independent project from its creation (Jan 5, 2005) until the end of May (it was independent when I joined in May 2005) so this pretty much coincides in timeframe with en.Uncyclopedia's move to Wikia. The problems therefore existed from the outset. --Carlb 21:47, 27 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

On quick deletion[edit source]

Some IP is making a pointless article on Charles burton, whoever that is. I tried to mark it for speedy deletion, but they deleted the tag and marked it for Article Improvement Drive. The article looks like cyberbullying to me. simsilikesims 07:01, 29 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Looks like Hindleyite already got 'em. --Carlb 16:46, 29 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Dutch illogic[edit source]

We have some problems with our <inputbox>-tag, do you have some suggestions? Hedz0qxz @ 10:48, 23 Ditzimber 2008 (UTC)

We had this problem here. If I remember correctly, changing the 'inputbox' to a 'createbox' tag should fix it. See this diff for an example. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 11:41, 23 Ditzimber 2008 (UTC)

Hey man[edit source]

Do you know what might be causing the 'array' bug with logged in users? I'm guessing it's something to do with a MediaWiki update, but the collective knowledge of 1,000 Illogicopedians with 1,000 typewriters (and a pencil) can't figure it out. Can you shed any light on the situation? -- Hindleyak  ( Blab | Blog )   21:06, 14 Arply 2009 (UTC)

Looks to have been a problem with one of the extensions. Should be back to normal now. --Carlb 18:33, 15 Arply 2009 (UTC)
Cheers, Carl! Needless to say, we are grateful. -- Hindleyak  ( Blab | Blog )   17:57, 16 Arply 2009 (UTC)
Hey, er, sorry to disturb you again, but there seems to be some sort of weird blank page thing going on every so often, maybe a side effect of the Array problem. Basically, the page fails to load and instead the user is taken to a completely blank screen. I think I might have seen it on the Uncyclopedia about a year ago, but I can't remember what was done to fix it... -- Hindleyak  ( Blab | Blog )   18:51, 21 Arply 2009 (UTC)
I confirm that this is happening to me too. --Nerd42 19:42, 21 Arply 2009 (UTC)
Totally blank pages usually mean that php is throwing an error which isn't being caught, so the page served is just an html page without anything except the header.--Silent Penguin 21:41, 21 Arply 2009 (UTC)

MW fail[edit source]

A typical Illogicopedia web server.

over the last few days, presumably due to the update, we have noticed a couple of things:

  • Ghosts no longer have ghost rights.
  • DPL and other similar systems aren't working, like create input box etc.

Thanks in advance :D --Silent Penguin 23:37, 5 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

I've re-added $wgGroupPermissions['phantom']['rollback'] = true; but I am noticing that templates using DPL, choose/option and the like often need to be edited once - just change one byte and save them, then they start working again? That seems to be a direct result of the MW 1.16a "upgrade", although it is odd that it should be necessary? --Carlb 23:41, 5 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Hey Server dude[edit source]

Amid the doom and gloom of our site's faulty boiler I bring you a riddle, how comes you're name show's up in italics on recent changes? Testostereich(ballsack) 21:28, 11 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Italics? On this server, I would have expected it to display in expletives today - but in any case that's controlled by MediaWiki:Common.css and any sysop can edit this. --Carlb 22:17, 11 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Hiya[edit source]

I left a message on Hindleyite's page that I think you can help with. I made over many edits during the apparent "fallout" and one or two articles. Now all that is gone. I can never re-write any of the stuff i created then and i'm really, truly angered. If there is anything, anything that you can do to reclaim mine and anybody elses edits, I will forever regard you as totally awesome. Thank you...-- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 02:02, 13 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Apparently you didn't read the forum topic about this. There's nothing he can do. --T3 02:10, 13 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)
......there goes over 100 edits, several talk page discussions, and three articles. -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 02:13, 13 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

DynamicPageList[edit source]

How are things? Not seen you around here for a while, thought that's probably because I've been skiving off myself. Nevertheless, I'm back for now, and can't help but notice the slightly strange DPL problem on the main page and VFF. Silent Penguin suggested a MediaWiki update might have caused the problem, and that's the best I can offer as well at the moment, but I thought you with your expert MediaWiki skills might be able to shed some light on the matter? -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 10:35, 31 Jumbly 2010 (UTC)

See http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_talk:DynamicPageList_%28third-party%29#MediaWiki_1.17alpha_and_bug_22675 --Carlb 04:46, 1 Ergust 2010 (UTC)

Ah, excellent. Good detective work, because I looked through that page twice and mustn't have registered that comment. Hmm. Carlb saves the day once again! Actually, I think that deserves to be a blog post... -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 09:41, 3 Ergust 2010 (UTC)

Hrm...[edit source]

Could you find the problem with the YouTubeTag extension. It's not working. Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 18:47, 11 Farbleum 2011 (UTC)

O Lord Carl[edit source]


I worship in awe at your reverence and mastery and ownership of all things illogical

We worship at thy feet

Thou hast hunger that shalt be relieved

Vi har alle tilbede på alteret af Carl--Colonel Sanders 01:54, 8 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

Simple English Uncyclopedia[edit source]

Overlord Carl, I have a request for you (if, of course, you are the appropriate one to ask). The community at the obscure Uncyc using small words completely abandoned the place, The Bard said you run the place and that it is completely free of Wikia and the real Uncle Pete. If he is wrong, please emasculate him for me. But if he is right, could you grant me teh adminz there to do upkeep and ward off any vandals. It appears all sysops left months and months ago. Praying to thy holiness,--Colonel Sanders 18:46, 11 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

Hamilton[edit source]

Can you block him and delete his crap, please? It's been enough today.

I put mw:extension:SpamBlacklist back online (not sure why it wasn't already on) and MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist should now be blocking whatever URL he was spamming here:

Spam protection filter

The page you wanted to save was blocked by the spam filter. This is probably caused by a link to a blacklisted external site.

The following text is what triggered our spam filter: http://cataclysmforum.ru

Return to User talk:Carlb. --Carlb 00:23, 12 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)

Grand Theft Carriage[edit source]

Thanks for the image! It looks awesome!! --Nerd42 04:13, 12 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)

abuse filter[edit source]

User:Athyria recommends we install an abuse filter. Could you do something about that? --Nerd42 (talk) 16:58, 27 Farbleum 2012 (UTC)

Broken accounts and other such problems[edit source]

I apologise for not contacting you on Meta - my account there appears not to exist or something. When I go to my user page it gives me an incomprehensible error message about global blocks.

Anyway, my accounts on Meta and Welsh Uncyclopedia have had something terrible happen to them. My user and talk pages do not exist, I can't edit anything, and on Welsh Uncyc it actually claims I am not registered, even though I am still logged in! Very puzzling.

Now for some background information.

I am in a summer school course and my free time is pretty scarce. Even so, last night I went to Welsh Uncyc and decided to work on some things. That would have been all right if I hadn't stayed up far too late in the process. I decided that I shouldn't be editing the wiki for as long as school lasted, so I blocked myself (technically not 'myself', as self-blocking doesn't work so I had to use my second admin account) until 22 July.

There's no homework over the weekend, it turned out, so today I thought I'd come back to Welsh Uncyc. As I keep expecting somehow that the block settings will get straightened out and it will be possible to allow blocked users to edit their talk pages, I went to the block list to see what it said I had set as block parameters. Well, the block apparently was no longer active; it said "Mae'r rhestr rwystrau'n wag" (the block list is empty).

That was strange. I thought, as illogical as it was since I'm essentially the only active user, that maybe someone had unblocked me, so I visited recent changes to see what could have happened. There were no recent changes. Nothing at all. I think it was then that I noticed that my user and talk page links at the top were red, but I didn't think anything of it at the moment.

I set recent changes to show the last 500 changes in the last 30 days rather than the last 50 in the past week, and it showed me the changes in question, but there was nothing unusual. I had not been unblocked. The last change was the block I had made. Why, then, was the block list empty? It also occurred to me to wonder why my user and talk page links were red, so I clicked through to what should have been my user page. I say 'should have been' because it was not. Instead, it looked like this:


The red text means "The user account 'Llwy-ar-lawr' is not registered". Why was I not registered? How could my user and talk pages have disappeared without leaving a trace, without anything even saying they had been deleted, or anything...? What was also strange was that the message about how the page didn't exist looked the way it should for those who do not have permission to create the page. It translates to "This page is currently empty. You can search for this title in other pages, or you can search the related logs". But I should have permission to create the page, as I have almost every user right available. True, I'm blocked, but that doesn't normally make it do that.

I decided to search the related logs, hoping that they might contain a clue to the disappearance of my userpage. There was nothing in the logs. That was wrong. Since the logs for a user page also show actions that have been performed on the user, it should have shown that I had had my group membership changed from nothing to administrator, bureaucrat, check user and rollback and that I had been blocked twice and unblocked once.

I wondered if I did not have permission to do anything because I was blocked, so I tried to unblock myself. I normally have the technical ability to do so. But it displayed an error message: it could not find the block or my account. The block certainly existed, as I had tried to edit things and perform a few other actions and it had failed, but it could not find it. So at this point I can't do anything at all to Welsh Uncyclopedia because I am blocked, and I can't unblock myself because my account doesn't exist.

But that's not all. There was something wrong with the block messages: the link to the userpage of the blocking admin (my sockpuppet, Test) was also red, and I knew Test had had a userpage. So I clicked the link, and the same thing happened: the account was not registered. Test's talk page, like mine, had also disappeared.

I checked the userpages of a few other users. Awyriach had disappeared. Roye7777777 had disappeared. Siôn Blewyn Coch was still there, but his talk page, which I had created, was gone. Caradog was still there, as was his userpage, which I had also created.

Then I checked for some of my articles. Google Cyfieithu and Cynnwys were nowhere to be found, and had not been deleted.

Just now I tried to find another article of mine, YYY, and a connection to the server can't be established. The wiki appears to be fully down.

Can you explain any of this? I know Celwyddoniadur is hosted on your servers, so I wonder if maybe they are having some issue. Has anyone yet come to you about a similar problem with another wiki? Do you think my accounts and their contributions are lost for ever, or will I be able to get them back? Sorry to be asking you if you can't answer. Thank you for reading. Flyingcat (meow!) 00:44, 6 Jumbly 2013 (UTC)

Update: Celwyddoniadur is back up. Flyingcat (meow!) 00:51, 6 Jumbly 2013 (UTC)
Never mind all that. Everything's back to normal, thank goodness - but I still wonder what happened.  Flyingcat (meow?)fr: 13:43, 6 Jumbly 2013 (UTC)

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I don't know if you'll see this, but Colonel Sanders just got featured so you get another star CG098 (talk ☼‎ contribs) 20:49, 26 Arply 2021 (UTC)