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Some things you might want to know about ?pedia.

  • There is a forum at [1]
  • We have a banning system outlined here, similarly there are gold stars to oppose the black spots
  • Hindleyite is also an admin here, so he has equal say in everything as he pushed me into making this here.
  • Features are voted for, not random, these are done via polls on the forum.
  • The Work in progeress and Rubbish articles cataroies can be found in the artilces bit to the left, they are cleared out on full and new moons, hence the moon on the front page.
  • Register on the forum and i can give you access to the moderator only forum, so you can see other things we have talked about, ideas we have at the moment etc.
  • I moved the page with ideas to the about section which can be found here
  • Please don't go ape, be sensible, changing, banning and deleting stuff as our wiki is in its early stages and any dramatic change in anything could kill the site, we need all the support we can get right now, so be nice.

this gives you some sort of idea of what has already happened. --Silent Penguin 14:59, 2 February 2007 (EST)




(makes kitten face)


Flameviper 15:05, 2 February 2007 (EST)

div already told him we don't need one yet, but when we do, we will let him know.--Silent Penguin 10:35, 5 February 2007 (EST)

On a side note[edit]

if you join the forum, i will make you a mod, which means you can read private posts about domains and whatnot--Silent Penguin 10:35, 5 February 2007 (EST)

Have A look at this[edit]

You Might want to look At this --Silent PenguinPenguin_foot.JPG 18:24, 16 April 2007 (UTC)

Someone's having some deletion funzorz![edit]

  • *grins innocently then shuffles off, unseen*
    • MetalFlower.jpg
yep, everybody cower in fear, cause nerd42's found the delete tab! heheheh.
if you have any problems with any actions I take, feel free to bring them up. This is not a dictatorship. --Nerd42 20:59, 16 Aym 2007 (UTC)
On that note, you clearly have a stricter standard of what to concider nasty than the rest of us. Compared to a few long-accepted things like this, that penis article hardly stood out, and the deletions MrMetalFLower noted - though to a lesser degree - were also somewhat imposing beyond the standard. Naturally, our tastes are up to us individually - and there is a bit of stuff I don't like myself - but try to base immediate deletions more strictly on common consensus regarding what goes.

Though there's hardly a crisis at this point, I can see the overall situation and feel of the wiki gradually worsen if the administartion goes on in internally clashing paths, presenting conflicting standards to the community. Which is naturally not to say you can't have your word - but it would be good (which goes for all of us) to make sure to get some input before doing certain things; when dealing with content which the community has generally seemed to accept, for instance, I'd strongly recommend either discussing a deletion on the talk page beforehand or holding a vote for such. --Fluffalizer 18:32, 21 Aym 2007 (UTC)
Right then. OK, like I said I'm not a tyrant. What the community wants is what should happen. But, if things are too wide open for crude things, I may want to quit. (That is not a threat, I know the world doesn't revolve around me and what I think should be done) I've quit writing for uncyclopedia because of their constantly putting crude humor on the front page, and if this project/community also decides to go in the same direction as Uncyclopedia has in that area, then I'd have to quit it also. --Nerd42 13:47, 24 Aym 2007 (UTC)

There you go[edit]

Dedicated User Award

Testostereich says, "Huzzah! YOU, my brother, have proved your chivalry. I knight thee an illogicopedian sir/dame for your services to the site! NOW COME JOIN US AT THE ROUND TABLE, you might want to watch out for the wobbly chair leg though

For considerable effort towards the site.

Also could you write a quick bit on yourself/a manifesto/a death sentence on the section for you on Illogicopedia:Club Card Members. Ta! --Testostereich(ballsack) 19:18, 1 Serpeniver 2007 (UTC)

in response to all this talking on my talk page[edit]

haha i havent checked my messages in a long time. I'm not sure I really deserve a "dedicated user" award since I haven't put in that much significant effort in the long run since the site started. I was really involved in the founding though and I would like to be more involved but my time is very limited. if only my life didn't have any troubles so i could spend as much time on silly nonsense like this site as I want LOL :) --Nerd42 04:57, 2 Serpeniver 2007 (UTC)

aidso fpo8s7udf078asd9f876as[edit]

I edited the cursed wiki artical as a ip address. Does that mean that i regain my soul ^_^ Elassint 10:29, 22 Octodest 2007 (UTC)

Only Nerd42 knows-what I'm saying doesn't make sense as you are asking him. --Ryan. 11:14, 22 Octodest 2007 (UTC)

My ruling is: The Cursed Wiki Article isn't supposed to make sense. So stop bugging me! LOL --Nerd42 15:44, 24 Octodest 2007 (UTC)

I just translated the cursed wiki artical into german and put it here: Was that a good move? Elassint 19:22, 24 Octodest 2007 (UTC)

that's fine LOL just add a link to the talk page on the list of mirrors here: --Nerd42 14:30, 25 Octodest 2007 (UTC)

Acorn Day[edit]

Happy Acorn Day! Acorn.PNG

-- BlackholeSig.PNG<font=Impact>Eupocalith<font=Impact>Antimatter Demise Iirhai taul Nayuzir!

Hey Nerd[edit]

Thanks for coming back and lending us your well tuned moral compass, actually EDishness is becoming a slight issue - their memes are slowly infiltrating our site. Anywho, hows it going? --Testostereich(ballsack) 18:35, 6 Ditzimber 2007 (UTC)

Well, I've kind of always been around, I just lurk alot and am also too busy to check the site every day. and also I'm lazy. but I am here. very busy with real-life kinda stuff so I don't have much time for fun and nonsense but I'm really impressed and excited about all the creativity the community has been putting together. its gone way past where I thought we would be when we started --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 14:52, 7 Ditzimber 2007 (UTC)

Nerd dude[edit]

The HMR profanity on the forum - t'was MMF n HelloolleH. They did it in our free period while I helped my friend play pokemon on his phone :P. Just saying so you didn't think I had anything to do with it. Cos i didn't. Oh btw I saw your uncyc leaving rant - I'd be a christian too. --Testostereich(ballsack) 20:31, 5 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

you're saying it WAS or WASN'T HelloolleH? wha?--Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 20:48, 5 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

It WAS a collaboration between MMF AND HelloolleH --Testostereich(ballsack) 20:52, 5 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)
i'm gonna have to talk to helloolleh about this --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 20:54, 5 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)
Why just HelloolleH? --Testostereich(ballsack) 20:56, 5 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

i dunno. we're talking about it on IRC. --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 21:04, 5 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

Yeah, it was me and HelloolleH. I've infiniblocked HMR because it was only a matter of time before we epically abused our powers. We thought we'd do that out of fun, and out of the fact that no harm would be done (easy reverts for example.) --MetalFlower.jpg 09:05, 6 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

A picture of a poorly drawn penis never hurt anyone (possibly)[edit]

OK, I didn't actually post anything on your page, I was just next to the person doing it (although I was admittedly laughing). We figured it's an illogical site so posting a regular argument would be conformist and boring. We prefer to post our views in the form of penises and words like 'intercourse'. No, ok, but seriously, hidden deep within those cryptic mild swear-words was, I believe, a valid viewpoint. The vandalism was a sort of protest against the views on your thread, coming from those who hold the opposite views to you, who those rules would affect most. Genuinely sorry for putting it across in the form of a poorly drawn dong. We were at school and very bored. These things happen...--HelloolleHSigPic.jpg 22:43, 7 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

I take a dim view of people who vanalise forum posts that they disagree with. That is not a legitimate way to make a point and doing it only shows everyone what an idiot you are. I don't understand why that kind of thing needs to be here. It belongs at Encyclopedia Dramatica. --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 19:23, 9 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)


Not to be a bore, but are you really sure that comment wasn't meant in jest? I doubt it was trying to persuade anyone. Isn't that. . . a bit of a stretch? Sure, if it was REALLY implying the teachings of Jesus were Illogicopedia, I'd have no qualms... but I doubt that. I don't mean to be a bother, again -- but you're being a bit liberal in your interpretation of the policies. By that same standard, there are dozens of comments that need derision and deletion, some of which are featured, some of which are lauded by the community. I'd like everyone to chip in about this -- after all, ?pedia is a democracy -- and see what they think. And this isn't just about that comment, it's about deletion of comments in general.

--Sir Asema Politics Complaint Inbox or Outbox 01:57, 10 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

Twas I who made the comment, but srsli[edit]

To be honest Nerd it was a throwaway comment. You know, the kind you put just before an extract of a featured article. It was hardly meant to mean anything subversive or whatever. Besides as a christian I have no interest in slagging off my hero. --Testostereich(ballsack) 08:28, 10 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

Saying Jesus was a "master of illogic" or whatever in bold letters on the front page of the site seemed rather ... I have to search for a word here - "pointed" could be it - to me. It was basically a controversial statement about religion. It seemed to me to be crossing the (admittedly somewhat blurry) lines. The Jesus article itself wasn't really a problem. I personally wouldn't vote to feature anything to do with religion but the community decided that's what they wanted and the article didn't break any rules the last time I looked at it. The comment did however. I'm not offended or anything - I mostly just think it didn't belong there. Is this a complaint, as in you guys think it should be put back? --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 21:43, 11 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)


Accept here .

Reject here by puttin ur sig on page.

The House=

Yah mon dis is da Small Brrother House!

Thanks. Good Luck!

Eiffel Tower.jpg|2 Times| The Eiffel Tower|Eiffel Tower.jpg

10:36, 23 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

The Problem With Illogicopedia[edit]

As usual with discussions about changing things, this one has gone inactive. Do take a look; the issue of our juvenile style has come up, so this might be your big chance of "cleaning things up" somewhat. --Fluffalizer 17:12, 14 Aym 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for tipping me off on this. I am a very busy person and don't get much time online so I haven't been able to do anything with ?pedia in a long time. --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 21:00, 14 Aym 2008 (UTC)

Hello fellow pelican[edit]

Noice to meet yer felow pedicure. I noticed you are the only other vampire i am not aware of. You now complete the admin triangle. wooohoo! do i get the triforce if i make all three of you my fwends? yur, im gonna be powerful now! :)DG |Chatty Chaps| 21:34, 7 Octodest 2008 (UTC)

Careful there DG. Nerd is more powerful than you could handle my friend. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 11:22, 30 Octodest 2008 (UTC)
Triforce? Hecks no. There were budget cuts so it's really more of a ... mashed potato force. --Nerd42eMailTalkUnMetaWPediah2g2 14:21, 30 Octodest 2008 (UTC)

Someone vandalise my page![edit]

My page has been vandalised! Please, restore it! Joe9320 06:28, 30 Octodest 2008 (UTC)

youve been nommed![edit]

for Illogicopedian of the Month! --Rook 04:48, 9 Arply 2009 (UTC)

What are you waiting for? Vote for yourself! --Rook 07:10, 11 Arply 2009 (UTC)
I believe Mr. 42 would be above voting for himself ;) -- Hindleyite 10:40, 11 Arply 2009 (UTC)
Is what Hindleyite says true Mr. 42? --Rook 01:25, 12 Arply 2009 (UTC)

I wasn"t aware that people were allowed to vote for themselves. Due to some bugs in our voting setup generally to do with featuring articles that I've complained about ... among other reasons which include general laziness, I haven't been all that active in voting or giving awards.

I now feel that I am obligated to vote for myself just for the sake of consistency. In a RL meeting a few years ago, I became quite annoyed with someone I wanted to get onto a committee, only they didn't make it because they wouldn't vote for themselves. So if I didn't vote for myself on this I'd probably be a hypocrite. So I think I will....if only because I don't want to piss off Hippocrates. He"s been pretty cool lately. ---Nerd42 14:46, 13 Arply 2009 (UTC)

youve been nommed again![edit]

for Illogicopedian of the Month! Now vote for yourself! --Rook 02:20, 2 Aym 2009 (UTC)

ok but um are you gonna keep nominating me every month until i win or um what? i don't wanna get a reputation of being a person who's always being nominated but never wins - i'd rather not be nominated in that case --Nerd42 15:13, 4 Aym 2009 (UTC)
I just think you deserve this award and should win it. It appears to me that you would not want to be nommed again next month if you don't win this month so I will not nomm you next month if you don't win this month then. --Rook 22:17, 4 Aym 2009 (UTC)

admin job[edit]

Do you need to clear the stuff out from quick deletion? --Rook 05:55, 5 Aym 2009 (UTC)

Don't foget[edit]

to wipe your fish archive the old news. Thanks pop. Testostereich(ballsack) 19:11, 15 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)

oh yeah ... lol ... --Nerd42 19:13, 15 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
^_^ nice article btw, toodles Testostereich(ballsack) 19:15, 15 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)

Oh yes, you're back![edit]

Yeah, I see you are back. Just a day or two ago is was nominated for feature. You may want to go vote. —rms talk 19:51, 16 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)

Our feature voting templates are all broken and have been for a long time. The one I clicked led here --Nerd42 19:54, 16 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)

Stop deleting cockbeast[edit]

I mean seriously, the image isn't that disgusting so get over your Catholic school version of Illogicopedia that you have in your head and unprotect that page. Please. --T3 00:05, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Should Nerd unprotect Cockbeast?
Please vote below. Results will be shown when you have voted.
You are not entitled to view results of this poll before you have voted.
There was one vote since the poll was created on 05:13, 9 Octodest 2013.
poll-id C31C980A559040915DD85B73A43A2AD4

T3 - that was rather rude. Respect your fellow illogicopedians!
Nerd42 - I do think you should reconsider your repeated deletions of that image. I agree that the site shouldn't be nasty, but I don't think anyone's ever found that image nasty except you. It's certainly crude, but we've featured crude articles before. It isn't porn, it's just a goofy, poorly drawn penis, and I think in this case your definition of "nasty" is a bit stricter than everyone else is defining it. --THE 00:14, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)
It's just some poorly drawn crude harmless fun --JonTehSexyMofo 00:23, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

It's just offensive, for the sake of being offensive and for no other purpose. (offensive and crude are two words for the same thing) If you (referring to the site/community in general) are going to allow that sort of thing, frankly I'll be done with writing nonsense on the internet altogether, since it apparently can't be done without crudity. --Nerd42 02:57, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

It's not "offensive for the sake of being offensive." It's a mild sex joke; the sort of sex joke you could find being told by any gradeschool boy who has reached puberty. Please don't quit illogicopedia because of a few scattered crude jokes. I mean, I've seen your uncyclopedia page, I know you don't like crude humor. But you can coexist with crude humor. I know you can. Leaving illogicopedia because you don't like a few of the jokes would be like moving out of a country because you don't agree with a few of the people living in it. You can coexist with things you disagree with. It's part of life. This isn't like uncyclopedia where graphic sex jokes are tossed in to every article for the hell of it. The vast, vast majority of our articles do exactly what you want--they make people laugh with goofy nonsense that's sex-free. A few mild sex jokes won't kill you. --THE 03:27, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)
Just to add something to my already substantial rambling, I'd like to quote Fluffalizer from an old discussion: "As long as articles like these - a bit immature, but hardly nasty in my opinion - remain the exception rather than the norm, I see no issue. I'd also like Illogicopedia to remain as open as is possible without issues." Yeah. *shuffles feet awkwardly* --THE 03:31, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

The only reason that it's found to be funny is because it's offensive. That's why your vulgarized schoolboy would find such a thing amusing. Quite frankly, I don't see any point in catering to that point of view on any terms, whatsoever, since it is by definition an utter lack of common courtesy and respect for others and societal norms.

Co-existing with references and innuendos thrown into various epics is one thing, but blatantly obvious depictions of male reproductive organs with fluid spurting out is quite obviously way over the line. --Nerd42 03:44, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Well I still think the drawing's pretty harmless but you do make some good points. The "societal norms" part had me scratching my head a bit. After all, this is a website where liberals are jellyfish, ordinary bathrooms are Nazi strongholds, and men fall in love with ironing boards. Societal norms don't seem particularly relevant here. But you made a good point about the difference between an image of a squirting penis and the occasional written sex joke. I still think the penis cartoon is totally harmless, goofy humor, but I'm not passionate about bringing it back. Earwax!!! --THE 04:04, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)
The only people who find it offensive are those who find it offensive on the behalf of others, OVER AND OUT. --Silent Penguin 23:25, 14 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Ok, fellow ?pedians, I have come to the conclusion that everyone wants it 'cept Nerd. Therefore we should keep it. The end. —rms talk 00:56, 15 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

I don't find it offensive, just infantile, and there's plenty of that elsewhere on this wiki. Maybe it's offensive to people who had their cock and balls chopped off, I dunno. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 11:38, 15 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Hey, I saw that[edit]

I know I'm not as active as I'd like to be these days, but had I been around this morning when the vandal struck I'd have considered it good manners to clean up the mess, not just the one page defaced that i had a particular interest in. [Side note: God bless Fluffy]. You didn't even issue a ban, what's all that about? Testostereich(ballsack) 15:01, 18 Ergust 2010 (UTC)

I concur, that was shoddy adminship. I hope your defence doesn't include "the dog ate..." in it. --Silent Penguin 15:10, 18 Ergust 2010 (UTC)

Sorry, you're right. I have been really busy with other stuff and got off on some kind of other tangent. Yeah I should have totally banned that guy and checked to see what other crap he was doing. --Nerd42 15:33, 18 Ergust 2010 (UTC)



I am candidate to administrator at UnMeta and would like your support. I have good references from CartoonistHenning. --Helder Oliveira 21:05, 24 Ergust 2010 (UTC)

Is UnMeta actually ... active somehow? What does it now do? --Nerd42 02:37, 30 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)

Say, Mr. Admin[edit]

Yeah, I just wanted to ask, you know Wikipedia's mascot, Wikipe-Tan? Well, I wanted to start a contest to see who could make the best new mascot for Illogicopedia, Illogi-tan. (Because I noticed y'all didn't have one.) I just came here to see if I can get your permission. If so, cool, I'll do it. If not, cool, I won't do it.


--Dan the Hedgehog is in the house! 19:03, 16 Octodest 2010 (UTC)

It's been done, love... just so you know. ~ Pointy.png *shifty eyes* (talk) • (stalk) -- 20101016 - 19:43 (UTC)

Cool then. --Dan the Hedgehog is in the house! 21:48, 16 Octodest 2010 (UTC)

Yes. In the most ambiguous sense possible. --Nerd42 22:59, 16 Octodest 2010 (UTC)

More adminy stuff...[edit]

Looks like people only love you for your user group... alas. But perhaps you could appreciate the situation, being a particularly ineffective force against vandals and whatnot... er... please don't hurt me.

But that's my point - there are next to no active admins currently, and if you truly do not have time to deal with vandals, we do need another. I made a forum thing about it and am hoping you could go over there are provide your input; I'm going around pestering most of the admins hopefully enough of you will care to show up and come to a consensus, even if it is just that it's a terrible idea. Please say what you think. ~ Pointy.png *shifty eyes* (talk) • (stalk) -- 20101019 - 18:47 (UTC)

Getting more admins might not be a bad idea ... I really don't have much time to vandal patrol this place right now. In fact, I really don't have much time for not being serious all the freaking time right now with college and whatnot. In fact, I don't have much time to be awake. Am going to sleep now, sry --Nerd42 01:07, 20 Octodest 2010 (UTC)
Well, I guess that's... something. Thanks, and dream well. ~ Pointy.png *shifty eyes* (talk) • (stalk) -- 20101020 - 01:24 (UTC)

YOU EDITED!![edit]

HI!!! I haven't seen you in 13 years!!!!! Insanely busy with that accursed real world? UPDATS there were some vandals and We got new adminz. Soap?! --THE 16:24, 3 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, real life has been keeping me really busy. Also I just haven't had that much crazy stuff to type lately. Everything's been getting really serious for me lately. I'm not dead, but I'm not able to be terribly active either. --Nerd42 16:33, 3 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
Same here. Busy real life, brain not as inclined to be nonsense though on a semi-regular basis I come up with weird ideas and write 'em her. GOOOD TO SEE YOU stopping by1!!1 --THE 16:39, 3 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)

Haw Haw[edit]

Nerd and the site policy pages, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G... :P Testostereich(ballsack) 19:26, 8 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)

I thought it was an interesting project, to try to explain this illogical place logically, and usually when I look back at something I've written years ago I'm usually embarrassed by it's naivete, but not in this case. I think I did a pretty solid job on them --Nerd42 19:32, 8 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
Have a nice marriage! Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 19:37, 8 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
This site has policy pages? ~ Pointy.png 19:55, 8 Jeremy 2011
 ;( Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 20:09, 8 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
What? ~ Pointy.png 20:18, 8 Jeremy 2011
I dunno. Anyway, I can't answer that. Listening to Massive Attack is distracting... Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 21:05, 8 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
Yes, yes it does, policy outlines everything that isn't fun. Everything else IST VERBOTEN DURCH MIEN FURHER! HAIL SIE. --Silent Penguin 19:28, 9 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)
Sounds dreadful. ~ Pointy.png 17:41, 10 Jeremy 2011
Sounds like Kraftwerk. Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 18:43, 10 Jeremy 2011 (UTC)

Klingon ?pedia[edit]

“If you seriously know Klingon (Guys, it's a real language, seriously, which has grown far beyond what's on the TV. If you don't believe me, they've translated the Bible into it) then I want to definitely make sure you get a chance to start a Klingon Illogicopedia project. Same goes for anyone who knows any other [wikipedia:Constructed_language”

~ constructed languages]] like any of J.R.R. Tolkien's.

Well, to answer your question I do know Klingon, fellow warrior. And I would definitely like the chance to make a Klingon ?pedia, considering that my old project, Sickapedia, was shut down due to ShoutWiki's massive server fail. But that's off topic.
legh SoH, Dan the Hedgehog is in the house! 18:10, 5 Arply 2011 (UTC)

Well you could maybe start by sprucing up our article on Klingon cause it looks a little stubby. --Nerd42 21:37, 5 Arply 2011 (UTC)
Already done. I'm thinking of adding a few images too. Also changed the icon to the logo of the Klingon Empire. Dan the Hedgehog is in the house! 00:30, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)
Hello? Is there anybody out there? Remember me? I finished the Klingon page. Dan the Hedgehog is in the house! 19:42, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

Oh ... well um I'm not the guy unilaterally in charge of who gets to create more Illogicopedias, as I only know one language and that's Engrish. I have wiki admin powers on the English Illogicopedia only. Find out whoever created the other language Illogicopedias and talk to him and just know, you've got my vote. --Nerd42 22:13, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

Could you delete this shit?[edit]

I found this article at most Hateful: This_page_has_no_reason_to_exist,_however_if_you_delete_it_all_you_are_doing_is_further_diminishing_other_possible_life_opportunities. It just reeks of Fail. Devour it now. - Another n00b 22:25, 5 Arply 2011 (UTC)

Why have you not delete it yet? (・A・) - Another n00b 11:29, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

He's too lazy.--Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune, bird fly high by the light of the moon... Respond 14:00, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

I am not deleting that --Nerd42 14:19, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

I concur. But I don't have admin rights though, so...*throws tantrum*. Anyway as Nerd would tell you it doesn't come into the criteria of No Total Crap. Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 15:14, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)
I could delete your... er... nevermind. I still don't understand what 'total crap' is, though, and Nerd, don't you dare try pointing me to the policy pages again. *twitches* ~ Pointy.png 15:34, 6 Arply 2011

Well it's listed pretty clearly: Total crap would be flames, explicit crudity, spam, excessive gibberish, etc. The page "Another n00b" brings up would seem to belong here. --Nerd42 16:36, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

I guess some people have severely different tastes. I'm not used to this site and it's Uncanny standards. So, average? not VFH material, But not VFD? I guess so. I wonder what kind of person would write it though. - Another n00b 19:21, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

I would, but I don't use Virgin Media, I use BT. Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 19:24, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)
Well see this is a nonsense encyclopedia. Uncyclopedia is a humor wiki. But we are not necessarily funny. We even used to have a rule, "We are not funny" till people decided that sounded too strict, so now it's "We are not required to be funny, just nonsensical" or something like that. --Nerd42 19:31, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

I decided to Message the author on his Talkpage. Very easy-going Wiki aren't you all?? - Another n00b 19:39, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

Well yes. Uncyclopedia's strict quality-control-based exclusionism was intended to ward off the cloud of undesirable chaotic aspects of Encyclopedia Dramatica but I think many here felt that it went entirely too far, or was in some cases throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Illogicopedia was formulated specifically to be much more easygoing while still not giving in to that kind of utter chaos.
I wrote all this up with very close attention to detail in the Illogicopedia:Policy pages. --Nerd42 19:48, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

So basically, Illogicopedia is for people who didn't make the cut on Uncyclopedia. - Another n00b 19:58, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

Yes, Nerd, Hindleyite, rms, THE, Romartus, Silent Penguin... *thumbs through her hall of shame* Aleister, Dexter, Sycamore and I all didn't make the cut on Uncyclopedia. And various others... alas, woe is us! ~ Pointy.png 21:04, 6 Arply 2011
Hey, Hyperbole was the one who said it. - Another n00b 21:10, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)
"Didn't make the cut" - well in my case it's didn't WANT to make the cut. Wanted to do something completely different. Could have "made the cut" but didn't WANT to. --Nerd42 22:00, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

So anyway...[edit]

Nerd42, darling, why are you so serious all the time? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it is curious. ~ Pointy.png 21:08, 6 Arply 2011

Am I being serious all the time? I question your premise. Monkey. --Nerd42 22:02, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)
Seriously? What kind of monkey? ~ Pointy.png 06:38, 7 Arply 2011

Maybe I can give a sort of an answer. If you look at my user page I have these sort of symbolic images for different sides of my personality. One is Sam the American Eagle. He's very serious and concerned about what he perceives as the (primarily moral) decline of society. He makes alot of mistakes but he really does care about important stuff which really is important. Then the other side is Lego Joker. He's just crazy and just does totally random things just for fun. It's like I've got this whole "Order versus Chaos" thing goin on. To quote the immortal Patrick Star, "The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma." --Nerd42 22:09, 6 Arply 2011 (UTC)

Can they all sit at the same table and eat pie, or would bad things ensue if that was attempted? ~ Pointy.png 06:38, 7 Arply 2011
Does it cheese on it? Yes or no? Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 07:18, 7 Arply 2011 (UTC)
Maybe. ~ Pointy.png 07:02, 16 Arply 2011

Who makes the namespaces?[edit]

Do you know who makes namespaces on Illogicopedia? Because I want Tlh: to be a namespace for Illogicopedia (the Klingon namespace) but I don't know who makes the namespaces here. Could you please tell me? Dan the Hedgehog is in the house! 22:43, 15 Arply 2011 (UTC)

No, I really don't know. I have never been involved with the server end of the site. --Nerd42 04:35, 16 Arply 2011 (UTC)
Special:Namespaces; apparently any admin could do it. Mind if I make it? Or would you rather? I've never made a namespace before... ~ Pointy.png 06:16, 16 Arply 2011

I read the cursed wiki article[edit]

I was just bored out of my mind yesterday, so I decided to read the entirety of the cursed wiki article. Oh woe is me! Now what do I do? it was a bloody good read though. Now I need to take a piss. A warning, it must be! - THE CURSE HAS BEEN WARDED OFF. For now.... - Another n00b 15:39, 14 Aym 2011 (UTC)

I was going to write an article about you[edit]

In userspace, of course. As a former EDiot, I appreciate vanity/semi-vanity works, as long as the user agrees before-hand. I will base all of the "information" on this, in order for it to not go against your taste. It will include you're faux information on records, and a reference to your written works. So, what do you think? - Another n00b 21:24, 12 Yoon 2011 (UTC)

Oh, um, my personal wiki is pretty old ya know. I have a blog which is kept more updated. I really need to go through and do some serious editing and updating of the wiki. I'm not sure what all you're talking about ... a piece based on me?? lolwut? --Nerd42 21:43, 12 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Y'know, how encyclopedia dramatica used to write articles about individual users, I was thinking of making one, and having a wiki of your own means that there will be a wealth of information. Also, this one will be written from a positive viewpoint. - Another n00b 21:52, 12 Yoon 2011 (UTC)

Um well I guess that might be OK maybe, but you'd want to base it more on my blog and the music I do and maybe the Illogicopedia podcasts than the wiki. --Nerd42 23:59, 22 Yoon 2011 (UTC)

An Obvious Rulebreak[edit]

Could you please delete this article? I find it most offensive and offensive things aren't allowed on Illogicopedia. (Besides, it takes the humor out of An Article That Redirects To A Nonexistent Article.) ~[thehappyspaceman] Dan the HedgehogThe Happy infodiscussioncontributionsenter the contest NOW!!!WTF?! Klingon IllogicopediaCaptain AnonymousTHE GRAFFITI WALL (beta version)IllogiNews: Snakes on a PlaneAn Article That Redirects To ItselfUnMDThe most important tutorial ever. 17:33, 14 Yoon 2011 (UTC)

Um, no? It's not a rule break? At all? Which rule does it break? Offensive to whom in what way? Wut? --Nerd42 20:50, 14 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
I find it offensive because it doesn't show racial diversity. There are only 0 ethnicities mentioned in the article! --T3 05:26, 17 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
It offended my octopus, even. Nerd, delete it. —rms talk 05:33, 17 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
No, not the octopus! Leave the octopus out of this, please! ~ Pointy.png 08:44, 22 Yoon 2011

The site is back up!!!![edit]

Don't be sad, be glad, because Illogicopedia is back up and open for business!!!!

If Illogi leaved here tomorrow

Would you still remember it?
For Rpberto must be travelling on now
There's just too many wikis he's got to DDoS

But if he stayed here with us, Roberto,
Things just could be the same
'Cause ?Pedia's free as a bird now
And this wiki you cannot change
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Bye bye, baby, it's been a bitter love yeah, yeah
And though this feeling I can't change
But please don't take this so badly
'Cause Lord knows Roberto's to blame

But if he stayed here with us, Roberto,
Things just could be the same
'Cause ?Pedia's as free as a bird now
And this bird you cannot change
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

And this wiki you cannot change
Lord knows It can't change
Lord, help me, It can't change

Lord, I can't change
Won't you fly high free wiki?
This horrible copypasta message is brought to you by: - Another n00b 21:07, 9 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

Liberal logic[edit]

Interesting additions... I imported the {{liberalism}} thingy from Conservapedia, so you could create one or more of the missing articles if you like...--Colonel Sanders 01:37, 14 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

I don't really even like this kind of thing being here on Illogicopedia, but the community decided to mostly ditch the "we are not persuasive" rule ... I might just see if I can make them pay for it --Nerd42 02:13, 14 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
Hindleyite didn't seem to mind me copying the template (see talk page of template and message on Hindleyite's page). And I assume you are...conservative? Myself, I am a libertarian, thus disagreeing with a great deal of modern liberalism (especially economic liberalism) and am a very strong Christian. Sure, some may not like the political nonsense, but I see no issue with it, and it probably makes up over 60% of my contributions here.--Colonel Sanders 02:20, 14 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

Oh boy here we go ... lol :)

I am also a devout Christian and a Latter Day Saint but not technically a Mormon because I'm not a member of the Utah Mormon church. On the subject of religion I feel it is most regrettable that there doesn't seem to be any really neutral forum for intelligent, civil interfaith dialogue with mutual respect. All that I have come across are dominated by one particular group, which arbitrarily interferes so it's particular viewpoint will come out on top. I've been thinking about trying to get a committee of moderators together representing all different major faiths (and atheists too) who are committed to neutrality and objectivity because I think a better sort of interfaith dialogue forum that fixes many of the existing problems would contribute much to education on the subject of world religion and/or theology. Might you be interested in such a project?

When it comes to politics, I'm not libertarian. I am a good American citizen first, a Declarationist second, socially conservative third, economically conservative fourth and Republican last - only when the Republican party acts like the party of Lincoln and Reagan, which it hasn't very much lately. I think conservative Republicans and conservative libertarians both want to push both the country and the world in the very same basic direction. We all want to ride the "anti government" train, though we disagree about which stop to get off at.

You'd think my being both a conservative and a Latter Day Saint, that I'd be a huge Glenn Beck fan, but not really because I feel he tends to grossly oversimplify complex issues. I think Mark Levin does a much better job - especially in his books - so if I had to pick a favorite political talking head, I'd pick him.

If you're an economically-conservative libertarian, you may enjoy my article on Ayn Rand where I reimagine her as a comic book superheroine. I have been considering trying to expand her continuity to include a whole team of unlikely intellectual or psuedo-intellectual superheroes similar to the Justice League. Any suggestions? --Nerd42 03:24, 14 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

Oh... BTW I should probably add that I really dislike the term "liberal" or "liberalism." Though we seem to be mostly stuck with it, it is a very imprecise term and it suggests generosity, when in fact the Leftist worldview it generally denotes is anything but generous. --Nerd42 03:28, 14 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

I read your block and Ayn Rand piece. Very good article. And you bring in Glenn Beck? I suppose that has towith Category:Glenn Beckizms which is mostly my work. And my political nonsense is not just Beck related. This is another classic. And not all my writings are political either. This and Lisa Gleave are not. But in most of my articles I try to incorporate either current events or Glenn Beck or cheerleaders or stuff like that. and I have an RfA if you didn't see it. And everything you know is wrong.--Colonel Sanders 04:11, 20 July 2011 (UTC)
Why can you guys never accept socialism? Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 14:57, 20 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
Because it imposes an unjust equality, resulting in tyranny and poverty. --Nerd42 15:47, 20 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
*yawn* That's hypocritical. Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 16:54, 20 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
How so? A statement like that needs justification. --Nerd42 23:25, 20 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
I have no idea what Berty Island Monkey is talking about. You are a conservative and I am a libertarian and we are probably on par with economic issues. Berty Island Monkey is a socialist. He disagrees.--Colonel Sanders 00:09, 21 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)


BANANA BATLETH.png This user has won free gagh and a barrel of bloodwine for (partially) winning the Klingon logo contest!

More info here, if you're confused.

~[thehappyspaceman] Dan the HedgehogThe Happy infodiscussioncontributionsWTFacronyms?! tlhPoodleC.A.T.G.W.CheesesSnakesRedirectUnMDHT:G.Y.F.T.G.T.F.A.F.Y. 05:06, 14 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

Just so you know...[edit]

I nommed your article for feature and am working on the Debate logo. ~[thehappyspaceman] 23:59, 08/7/2011

Add to CSS?[edit]

Would you mind adding the following to Common.css?

/* petaQ'a'pedia logo */

body.ns-150 #p-logo a { background-image: url(/images/thumb/8/89/Free_bloodwine.png/120px-Free_bloodwine.png) !important; }
body.ns-151 #p-logo a { background-image: url(/images/thumb/8/89/Free_bloodwine.png/120px-Free_bloodwine.png) !important; }

It would be most appreciated, especially if you add that right underneath the Forum: and IllogiNews: namespace logos. ~[TheHappySpaceman] [thehappyspaceman] haskidnappedyourmum 18:50, 09/10/2011

I think it's already been done. :) --Nerd42

Sorry, couldn't help mys... HEY! DON'T LINK THAT! DON'T LINK IT! NOOOOOOO! ~ Pointy.png 15:31, 12 Serpeniver 2011


You have been demoted.--Colonel Sanders 04:52, 12 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)

You seem to alter user rights... a lot. ~ Pointy.png 13:20, 12 Serpeniver 2011

What the heck are you talking about? --Nerd42 14:59, 12 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)

He's been changing around the user rights on Simple English Uncyclopedia. That's what he's referring to, and what I was commenting on... it's a little odd, since there doesn't seem to be any logical purpose to it. ~ Pointy.png 15:10, 12 Serpeniver 2011
Oh. Whatever. I like the idea of Simple English Uncyclopedia whether I'm demoted or not or whatever. But why tell me here? This message belongs at not here. I would have immediately grasped what the heck it was saying if it had been delivered to the right talk page. --Nerd42 15:37, 12 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)
I think he alters user rights in a way that he thinks will benefit the wiki, by putting certain access rights in the hands of users who would use them well. It's a different approach, but arguably more sound than, say, offering special rights as a prize in a monthly contest.
On ?media there is now a 'trusted' group, where I've given a few extra privileges to users I trust to use them responsibly. If I've added anyone against their will, I'd be happy to revoke the flag. ~ The Bard of Illogicopedia TinyQuill.gif 16:13, 12 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)
Oh, what's occurin'? Minty... Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 16:28, 12 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)
I run an Uncyclopedia now! Simple English! Here. We would be glad to have you. But it is really nice to see you back, IM! I thought you would still be playing Halo or some similar nonsense, such as Call of Doody....--Colonel Sanders 22:37, 12 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)
Why would someone try to benefit their wiki? That makes no sense. ~ Pointy.png 03:12, 13 Serpeniver 2011
What sort of crap wiki is that? And I have no interest in my Xbox right now. Linux Mint rulez! Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 14:43, 13 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)
Mint is nice indeed. A better install-and-go distro than even Ubuntu. I love Debian, so pretty much anything Debian-based works for me... ~ The Bard of Illogicopedia TinyQuill.gif 15:01, 13 Serpeniver 2011 (UTC)

Congratulations! Qaplá'![edit]

It would be my honor to be your new stepfather announce your image for being featured on the front page of petaQ'a'pedia! May you have honor and lots of bloodwine! I'd recommend 2273-- a good year for bloodwine. My Name Is Kırby/My Name Is Earl - herp-derp I did <insert name here>'s mom! 05:51, 3 Ditzimber 2011 (UTC)

P.S., Who do I visit if I want to change my username?

Talk to the "create a new account" page to change your username. --Nerd42 15:24, 5 Ditzimber 2011 (UTC)

Policy pages[edit]

Why bother? Because no one reads them or follows them anyway. Maybe you could be wasting your time? Then again, ?Pedia in itself could be considered a waste of time, or at least my professors think say.

Also, I agree that the U.S. Great Firewall SOPA sucks.--Colonel Sanders 21:12, 17 Jeremy 2012 (UTC)

well yeah it's like, why bother with the entire site. if you're going to be wasting time anyway, what is one waste of time versus another? Some of them are actually quite good. I like Illogicopedia:Write Before You Think. --Nerd42 00:23, 18 Jeremy 2012 (UTC)
Good point. Yes, that one was rather informative amusing.--Colonel Sanders 01:00, 18 Jeremy 2012 (UTC)
I also quite like some of it, but then I'm sort of into that geeky meta-humour. Just because nobody reads or follows them doesn't mean it shouldn't be there. It's a bit like my Facebook account in that sense. Also, happy Anti-SOPA day! -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 12:02, 18 Jeremy 2012 (UTC)
I actually made sure to read all the policy pages and disclaimers before I joined. Mars Cadbury (talk) 08:09, 27 Ergust 2012 (UTC)

Abusefilter, autopatrolled editors, and a working wiki[edit]

That's what we need. ~ Pointy.png 16:27, 27 Farbleum 2012

Yeah that'd be good ... do we need to talk to Carlb about that? he provides the web hosting --Nerd42 (talk) 16:29, 27 Farbleum 2012 (UTC)
Yeah. ~ Pointy.png 16:31, 27 Farbleum 2012
We are in the process of getting the site moved to different hosting. Stop by Illogicopedia:Chat sometimes if you really want the inside scoop of the Illogicopedian banana split flavored ice creams. --Nerd42 (talk) 15:15, 27 Ergust 2012 (UTC)

Joshua's Puzzles[edit]

Can you please delete this page?

It's messing with my head.--The Tickler (talk) 02:23, 6 Serpeniver 2012 (UTC)

Gander revenge[edit]

I salute your latest efforts, and appreciate your choice of ?pedia as your drivel outlet. Cheers! LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 02:44, 4 Ditzimber 2012 (UTC)

Hello, i'm new here! Alary Cool (talk) 16:34, 9 Arche 2013 (UTC)

Awesomedecks and IOTM[edit]

You know, it would be really swell if a friendly and helpful bureaucrat was to make Awesomedecks a phantom since she did win Illogicopedian of the Month for Arche. --marbury (talk) 05:52, 13 Aym 2013 (UTC)

I must confess that I honestly haven't the faintest idea what exactly a phantom is in the context of this web site. It didn't exactly come with an instruction manual when some crazy person went through and changed the terms for everything in the software. --Nerd42 (talk) 14:09, 13 Aym 2013 (UTC)
Rollbacker. ~Sir Frosty (Talk to me!) 05:25, 14 Aym 2013 (UTC)

Fear me[edit]

I may have accidentally found you outside of the 'pedia. Apparently you're a deejay? Thank goodness, I was just looking for someone to distract the masses whilst I segue into Sunshine Girls. Decks.png ~ Good tidings! ~ 15:49, 25 Yoon 2014 (UTC)

  • I create mashups. Check out my work at my site: Right now I am working on a complete set of mashups featuring the lyrics from Linkin Park's "Living Things" (the whole album) which I am hoping to release later this year. I have been involved in mashups since before the founding of Illogicopedia in fact. --Nerd42 (talk) 19:22, 25 Yoon 2014 (UTC)

Holiday logos[edit]

If you are gathering up all of the holiday bananas, you might want to add Halloween to the collection.


@Marzipan (talk) 17:08, 29 Serpeniver 2014 (UTC)

Actually, I was just linking the ones I had made myself. But getting a page for all old holiday logos might not be a bad idea. ;) --Nerd42 (talk) 19:54, 5 Octodest 2014 (UTC)

Server move[edit]

You asked why we were moving servers again - the reason is basically because we're poor and we wanted a cheaper server. Unlike ?pedia's previous moves, this was a purely internal thing that we basically only announced at all because the database had to go read-only for a bit during the final transition. Also DPL is stupid and apparently lost all its caching, but that should fix itself as soon as it finds its pants. Maybe it already has, I dunno.

Also, if you want really funny, the new server, despite being cheaper, is actually better in pretty much every way. Almost. Unfortunately we're still using a software RAID (hardware was like $15 more) and the processor is slightly slower in terms of clock speed, but the actual throughput, memory performance, etc etc should all be better because this one uses ACTUAL SERVER HARDWARE. We're, like, elite now, or something.

Also also the new one is named bertram. The old one was reginald. Hopefully we'll be able to get a new reginald at some point, though. That was an awesome name.

Was this the sort of too much information you'd expect from a sysadmin, or do I need to say more? -— Athyria User talk:AthyriaUser talk:AthyriaUser talk:Athyria 20:33, 10 Octodest 2014 (UTC)

Cool. I'm interested to know this stuff. :) Thanks for all your hard work --Nerd42 (talk) 08:42, 11 Octodest 2014 (UTC)
Processor speed on the majority of websites is negligible anyway. Their job, for the most part, is move data from A to B with a bit of templating in between. this makes it quite hard to produce a low traffic website which maxes out the processor.--Silent Penguin 00:10, 12 Octodest 2014 (UTC)
Well, there's a bit of processing that goes on for images and stuff, but normally not much. And misermode and size limits and whatnot prevent too much crap all piling up, generally. I'd be more specific, but we never actually set up monitoring. We should probably do that. At some point. Yes. -— Athyria User talk:AthyriaUser talk:AthyriaUser talk:Athyria 23:44, 12 Octodest 2014 (UTC)


This is terrible! Can I ask why? I haven't been on here for ages and when I do its closing?! Fnewsig1.jpgFnewsig2.jpg 16:21, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Check the calendar. --Nerd42 (talk) 16:22, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Well, do you know if there is anywhere else I can go that is going to be similar? Fnewsig1.jpgFnewsig2.jpg 16:25, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
I don't think you will be able to get away from April Fools Day, no matter where you hide. Fool. LOL! :D --Nerd42 (talk) 16:27, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
You got me! XD I forgot it was april fools today. I was getting ready to cry!! Fnewsig1.jpgFnewsig2.jpg 16:36, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
OK, I'm sorry this isn't the nicest prank. I would be kind of upset if Illogicopedia really was going to close too.
I had you going for a minute there thought, didn't I? :D --Nerd42 (talk) 16:38, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
You defo did. Has anyone else believed it? Fnewsig1.jpgFnewsig2.jpg 16:45, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
I just posted it a few minutes ago, and it looks like you're the only other editor online at the same time as me. --Nerd42 (talk) 16:46, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Oh I see... makes me think though, if it was to close where would all the users go? Fnewsig1.jpgFnewsig2.jpg 16:49, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
How about the Illogicopedia subreddit I created about five seconds ago? Wait, what is "Reddit" again? --Nerd42 (talk) 17:06, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Coolio. Might put my abstract surreal paintings on there if that's ok? Fnewsig1.jpgFnewsig2.jpg 18:59, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
I would assume that anything which is OK for Illogicopedia is OK on the IllogiReddit. --Nerd42 19:20, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Ok. Is THE and Athyria still active? Fnewsig1.jpgFnewsig2.jpg 19:40, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Hell if I know. Forum:Roll Call of Active Users 2015 --Nerd42 (talk) 20:25, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Ok. 20:45, 1 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Assimior batis[edit]

This is the most level of activity we've had in quite some time, don't you agree? Maybe because it's April Fool's Day (well not anymore at least for me). XY007 T C 06:48, 2 Arply 2015 (UTC)


On Homosexuality, Atheism, Karl Marx, Otaku culture, Uncle Pete, a squid, several horses, and a side order of fries. XY007 T C 02:42, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)

I dunno, I mean, Cultural Marxism is kind of a cathartic reaction to alot of crap I've been seeing recently, in people's reactions to #gamergate. Anti-gg people are like, in total denial of the clear fact that crazy feminists exist, that crazy feminists are crazy and that we in fact know exactly which crazy place in academia that they got their crazy ideas from. I mean, what the hell is the point of IllogiNews anymore when we've got radical feminists in the actual news!? --Nerd42 (talk) 02:53, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Eh wow. Want to help me with Anita Sarkeesian in that case? I feel like pro-GamerGate anyway (have not really taken a stance). XY007talkcontributions 03:02, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)
...oh. I guess I didn't finish that thought. Well, the point was that the Cultural Marxism article has a point to it (several actually) while your article with the excessively long title just seems to be, well, random without really taking any sort of interesting take on the things in the title. It's just a seemingly pointless title and so I don't see what would be worth contributing to it. Seems like it would be better to make entries for each of the individual things. We are a nonsense encyclopedia but even that still involves being an encyclopedia to some degree. Non-encyclopedic stuff is allowed, but uh, the site name ends in -pedia. That is still a thing.
An article on Anita Sarkeesian might be a good idea. I should just start covering a bunch of #gamergate subjects on Illogicopedia. That would be fun. I've been thinking of trying to come up with a way to stick it to the other users who voted to allow political content for years. Maybe some good old-fashioned controversy and drama might get some people to come back and edit more actively LOL --Nerd42 (talk) 03:05, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Siberian service! YES! We will do that for certain. XY007talkcontributions 03:08, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)

RE Zoe Quinn[edit]

I disapprove of the neutrality of this page, maybe say something a bit more about GamerGate and less about her personal tendencies. XY007talkcontributions 03:43, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)

LOL, this isn't Wikipedia. I'm not doing neutral or objective. I'm doing nonsense, and Zoe Quinn is nonsense. And what the hell else would I have to say about Zoe Quinn anyway? GamerGate isn't about her and never was: it's all about the journalist she screwed. --Nerd42 (talk) 03:47, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)
It's true isn't it? GamerGate is a mad thing it's horrible! Get off my lawn journalists, this is getting out of hand! XY007talkcontributions 03:49, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)
It's just an odd coincidence that her stupid skanky behavior uncovered this huge scandal in which we find out that the games journalists covering the indie development scene are just as bad as the games journalists covering the AAA industry, except that when we said they were "in bed" with the AAA developers, we only meant it figuratively.
OK, enough with the Zoe Quinn related humor. It's just too easy ... just like her. (OK I'll stop) Seriously now, journalists should know that if you have an intimate relationship with the developer of a game, then you'd better either avoid reviewing that game or else you'd better disclose that crap in the piece, because that's Journalism 101 stuff. Literally, because I actually took Journalism 101 and we had a freakin chapter - just on that.
Instead of saying, "Oh, sorry, that was a pretty bad screwup, we're going to fix this and make sure it doesn't happen again" we get the gaming press defending corruption. And then they go to the mainstream press with, "#gamergate is threatening us! They just hate women! Boo hoo!" Yeah, no, #NotYourShield says they are not going to get away with that crap. --Nerd42 (talk) 04:00, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)
NOT YOUR SHIELD! Yes! Want to see Badpedia? XY007talkcontributions 04:07, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Also look at that eh? Look at those tweets, that's just horrible. I do not tolerate such stuff. XY007talkcontributions 04:09, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Please get involved in this discussion[edit]

Forum:I AM NOT YOUR SHIELD!. XY007talkcontributions 04:34, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Read this?[edit]

not here but here. Iamawesome  T | C | U  16:37, 7 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Is #gamergate propaganda?[edit]

You ask meh. XY007talkcontributions 03:19, 15 Arply 2015 (UTC)

In all seriousness, "propaganda" is really just a term for "persuasive writing" which has been expanded to include all media. If it is a thing and it is designed to try to convince you of something or un-convince you of something then it is propaganda by definition. So #GamerGate is propaganda, just like the Social Justice Warriors are. The difference is that we happen to be right and they're wrong. --Nerd42 (talk) 03:21, 15 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Troo troo. XY007talkcontributions 03:26, 15 Arply 2015 (UTC)

The Young and the Illogicopedians[edit]

I'm going to run this series on the forums soon. Want to help? XY007talkcontributions 03:38, 15 Arply 2015 (UTC)

what's that mean? eh? --Nerd42 (talk) 03:39, 15 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Forum:The Young and the Illogicopedians. XY007talkcontributions 03:53, 15 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Urban Dictionary[edit]

Is a website you should consider joining. Herro may name is 2+2=5 and I most certainly am NOT American or British or Australian or South African (yet I speak perfect Englandish). I am from and currently residing in a tiny country beneath Mexico (like, SERIOUSLY TINY), and I am a 277% bonafide INTELLECTUAL HUMAN BEING. (Yet I act like I belong in the Looney bin on this website, because why not?) And I'm a "like new" user on this website. But I was not welcomed by the welcoming committee. May Cthulhu be unmerciful in his judgment! Snarf. Oh and please please please vote for me for IOTM


Just checked tha abuse filter and found Global filter 2 , aka Giant inflatable chicken. Has 3,323 hits and counting. Made an edit under it myself, but I'd like to know what it means. Iamawesome  T | C | U  17:37, 23 Arply 2015 (UTC)

*write here*

Also, can you add a link mentioned in MediaWiki talk:Sidebar to MediaWiki:Sidebar? And change MediaWiki:Nstab-special to 'Magic!'? And change MediaWiki:Group-checkuser to 'Stalkers'? And change MediaWiki:Group-checkuser-member to 'Stalker'? Please? These are just my thoughts, but please tell me if you decline or I think that you're dead. Iamawesome  T | C | U  18:14, 24 Arply 2015 (UTC)

On the "Stalker" thing ... you'll have to find somebody else, because I never added all the weird changes to the default Mediawiki names for things and I'm not about to start now. --Nerd42 (talk) 04:20, 30 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Dangerous things[edit]

Nail guns don't attach a feet to coffee tables: idiots attach feet to coffee tables. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 00:49, 25 Arply 2015 (UTC)

ខ្ញុំគិតថាអាចនឹងត្រូវបានសម្តែងការយ៉ាងខ្លាំងផងដែរនៅក្នុងលក្ខណៈដែលមានដូចជាអ្វីដែលអ្នកនឹងត្រូវបាននិយាយថាបានកើតឡើងនៅខាងស្ដាំពេលនេះ។ weasel ផ្តល់ឱ្យយើងនូវអំណាចក្នុងការនិយាយថាអ្វីដែលយើងចង់បាន waffle ព្យាយាមដើម្បីបញ្ឈប់ការបញ្ចេញមតិដោយសេរី។. XY007talkcontributions 00:55, 25 Arply 2015 (UTC)

So you're alive?[edit]

Check the topic before the last one. Iamawesome  T | C | U  04:13, 30 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Also, remember to update the vote count. The Supreme Leader XY --- Free Cake! 07:31, 19 Ergust 2015 (UTC)

In seek your knowledge of memes.[edit]

Could you help me out on Doge? Plz? 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 02:15, 7 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)

Uh, I've seen that around. I think he is god spelt backwards. --Nerd42 (talk) 02:24, 7 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)
Mink. The Supreme Leader XY --- Free Cake! 05:24, 7 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)

Nice to see you soon and we can get it done[edit]

Nice seeing your brand of weirdness more again. Are you wearing a tin foil hat? LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 12:40, 7 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)

So, stick it...[edit]

Thanks for
Arrghing up
the place!

Arrrgh rodent.jpg

This dude rules because he supports Internetitary Type Like A Pirate Day.

...on your user page, if you like. Congrats on being nommed for IOTM too. Cheers! LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 05:43, 19 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)

Pirates say "Arr!" Not "Arrgh!" >:( --Nerd42 (talk) 23:52, 24 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)
I spark a bowl in your honor, and sit corrected. I think I shall leave the misspelling, since this is... you know... ?pedia. I truly enjoyed the extended holiday, even though I did nothing resembling a pirate the whole time the logo was up. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Our laughter was great and raucous. Maybe, my wife, a bit less... bad lungs. Cheers! LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 01:23, 25 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)


My attempt.

Hey Nerd42! Since you gathered up all of the holiday bananas of 2015, you might want to add Christmas to the collection. --(BKYE) Sophia, The Resident of Uncyclopedia Delty (babble)

OK --Nerd42 (talk) 14:20, 12 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)
Alright. What program you use to make all the holiday bananas? Photoshop? Paint?--(BKYE) Sophia, The Resident of Uncyclopedia Delty (babble)
InkScrape --Nerd42 (talk) 14:42, 13 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)
I tried. Look at the image that I made using Microsoft Paint. But instead of a Christmas Banana, I used a Christmas Tree accidentally. --(BKYE) Sophia, The Resident of Uncyclopedia Delty (babble)
It's OK but my idea was way funnier. I was gonna put "CENSORED" over the word "Christmas" and paste something like, "Generically Inoffensive Winter Holiday" underneath it. --Nerd42 (talk) 12:41, 14 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)
Merry Giving Festival, citizens of Illogicalot. Decks.png ~ Good tidings! ~ 14:52, 14 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)
Brilliant, Make it so number one. In the past I believe we had a pudding logo knocking about, laden with raisins, nuts, raisins, brandy, and raisins. --Silent Penguin 20:55, 14 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)
Or... Make it so number two. --(BKYE) Sophia, The Resident of Uncyclopedia Delty (babble)
I like Nerd42's idea, but it should be "Generically Inoffensive December Holiday", because some of us are in the Southern Hemisphere. Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 04:35, 15 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)
I'd be jealous, but in Australia it is so excruciatingly hot that barbecue meat cooks on both sides without being flipped. --Silent Penguin 00:06, 16 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)
Not that much, it's only 27 degrees today. It could even be 40 sometimes. Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 00:35, 16 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)

OK I did it[edit]

Politically Correct 2015 Decemberween "holiday" logo.

No offense meant, but I seriously think my candy cane looks way better than your Christmas tree. Thanks for contacting me about this, because I wouldn't have bothered otherwise, figuring no one cared. So that was nice. :) --Nerd42 (talk) 17:55, 20 Ditzimber 2015 (UTC)

Thanks! --(BKYE) Sophia, The Resident of Uncyclopedia Delty (babble)


Hey Nerd42! Since you gathered up all of the holiday bananas of 2015, you might want to add New Year's Eve and New Year's Day to the collection. --(BKYE) Sophia, The Resident of Uncyclopedia Delty (talk) 00:55, 1 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)

Well, I didn't. And there isn't enough time now. Maybe next year. --Nerd42 (talk) 03:30, 1 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)


We are nearing to our 10,000th article. And since that you gathering up all of the holiday bananas of 2016, you might want to add to 10,000 Articles to the collection. It will be a parody of the Wikipedia 5,000,000 articles logo. --(BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 15:23, 14 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)

Waiting for an answer --(BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 06:24, 16 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)
Oh, OK ... what was the 5,000,000 articles logo wikipedia had? --Nerd42 (talk) 12:43, 18 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)

Given the way things are going with my job IRL, I might not have time. But with the magic of InkScape and the base template I use for creating the themed logos, anything is possible for anyone else who wants to try. If you leave it up to me then you probably won't see anything until at least next weekend. --Nerd42 (talk) 04:54, 19 Jeremy 2016 (UTC) Try making the 10,000 articles logo AKA a parody of the Wikipedia 5,000,000 articles logo, keep it for 72 hours, then make the Trump banana. --(AMB) (XAR) (BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 03:13, 19 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)

You Can't Stump the Trump (dank memes intended)[edit]

Since you gathering up all of work-in-progress bananas, You should make a Trump banana. --(AMB) (XAR) (BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 03:09, 19 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)

Let me guess. Uncyc? Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 03:23, 19 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)
Yes. Of course, it will be like wikipedia and uncyc. --(AMB) (XAR) (BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 17:25, 19 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)
ANSWER ME! --(AMB) (XAR) (BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 18:11, 25 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)
Do not worry. We will soon make Illogicopedia great again. --Nerd42 (talk) 00:17, 31 Arche 2016 (UTC)
My friend says Hillary Clinton is a fishwarmonger. Does that sound good to you?! Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 01:06, 31 Arche 2016 (UTC)


Where does Hindleyite, Seppy and Nerd42 live? --(AMB) (XAR) (BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 21:10, 3 Arply 2016 (UTC)

Not related to anything else[edit]

Can you please protect Atlantic Records? It's been vandalised one too many times already (actually more than one too many.) Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 22:53, 31 Ergust 2016 (UTC)



iiiiiits da cool guy! danny!Text 01:39, 6 Novelniver 2017 (UTC)

Problem with creating account[edit]

I tried to create an account under the name 'StrexcorpEmployee', which is the name I have over on that boring 'logical' Wikipedia, but the spam filter disallowed it, probably mistaking the name, actually a Welcome to Night Vale reference, for an actual corporate spam acoount. Pls halp. -- 12:28, 5 Novelniver 2018 (UTC)

Please not that I was not at home when I made the previous post. My real IP is -- 13:20, 5 Novelniver 2018 (UTC)