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From IllogiCountry, the World of Insanity

The People's Democracy of Awesomeus Danglutius McDoggiedog of Canolis

Pwn3d.jpg Scaredsmiley.jpg
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "In awesome we trust"
Anthem: "We Made It" by Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park (Because it's also awesome)
Capital Canoliville
Largest city T3town
Official languages Americanized English
Government Democracy (Monarchy sucks!)
Prime Minister {{{prime_minister}}}
National Hero(es) The OMG Scary Alien, Toast Jones, and Chuck Norris
Currency Dollar
Religion Freedom of religion, unlike the U.K....
Population 123,456,789
Area The area of T3canolis' awesomeness
Population density As dense as Testostereich's brain so, not very dense (Pwnd?)
Ethnic groups Anybody but the English...
Major exports Illogicopedia Articles
Major imports Stuffs
National animal The Awesomeanimalia
Favourite pastime Illogicopedia, making fun of the English, ya know.
Opening hours Whenever the English leave
Internet tld .awesome
Calling code 123 - PWN3D

WHOA!!? Were you looking for MoreAwesomeland?

Awesomeland is the greatest place ever where T3canolis is President. It's residents include Chuck Norris, The OMG Scary Alien, Toast Jones, and Bob, the One-Eyed Guy live. It is a noble country where no one gives a crap about political correctness because it doesn't exist!

There are many tourists in Awesomeland which love to go there and admire it's awesomeness. All of the cities were named by President T3canolis. You cannot live there unless you are awesomely awesomer than awesomeness itself. The Burger King sees if you are awesome enough to pass through the gate to Awesomeland.

Also, Awesomeland as a well-known and giant dislike and vendetta against the English.

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