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The Other People's Democracy of supremus, cheesus, yoghurtus of Blade

Wisdom.jpg Winking smiley.jpg
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "God save Irene"
Anthem: "Mardy Bum" by Artic Monkeys because it's so awesome
UKworld copy.png
Capital Bladedon
Largest city Benchester
Official languages British English
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy (Congress sucks!)
Prime Minister {{{prime_minister}}}
National Hero(es) {{{national_heros}}}
Currency Pound sterling
Religion Freedom of religion, unlike the U.S.A....
Population 234,567,8910
Area The area of Blades' brilliantness
Population density As dense as Barack Obama's brain so, not very dense (Pwnd?)
Ethnic groups Anybody but the Yanks...
Major exports Illogicopedia Articles
Major imports Stuffs
National animal The MoreAwesomeanimalia
Favourite pastime Illogicopedia, making fun of the Americoons, ya know.
Opening hours Whenever the Americans leave
Internet tld .brilliant
Calling code 234 - OWN3D

MoreAwesomeland is the greatest place ever where Ben is President. It's residents include Barry Scott, The Beatles, God, and John Prescott. It is a Super-noble country where no one gives a crap about political correctness because it doesn't exist! .

There are many tourists in MoreAwesomeland which love to go there and admire it's MoreAwesomeness. All of the cities were named by Zippy. You cannot live there unless you are MoreAwesomely MoreAwesomer than MoreAwesomeness itself. The Little Chef sees if you are awesome enough to pass through the gate to Awesomeland.

Also, Awesomeland as a well-known and giant dislike and vendetta against the Americans.

Colour, Zeb-ra not Zee-bra, Crisps, Pavements, Litter Bin. Just to let you know!