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Joccu-Than is the supreme god of The church of Joccu-Than-Iggy-Piggy-Wiggy. According to the religion's main text, the 7 Girls 3.5 Cup, Joccu-Than is male, but one should not discriminate against any gender.


According to Joccu-Than-Iggy-Piggy-Wiggyan tradition, Joccu-Than appears in the form of an anthropomorphic frog.


The 7 Girls 3.5 Cup describes Joccu-Than as a loving, benevolent, and extremely intelligent deity. It also states that he (very rarely) becomes enraged and smites a non-believer. However, He is, for the most part, a loving god. He knows pretty much everything other than why He exists, and created everything in existence other than Himself. His favorite food is nachos.

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