The Ultimate Destructo Death Machine

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The Ultimate Destructo Death Machine is a very cliched invention built by any mad scientist. It is commonly used for causing destruction and death, and taking over the world. It can also make milkshakes, but don't get me started on that. I spent two hours cleaning up that muck from every inch of my living room. Such a waste of time.

The Ultimate Destructo Death Machine comes in many forms. It is usually some huge gun, or laser, or nuclear bomb, or machine that lets out killer gas, or nuclear sludge, or a disease, or even a microwave. Damn those microwaves are dangerous. Have you ever felt one hit you in the back of the head? Man, it hurts.

Many people despise the Ultimate Destructo Death Machine because it kills many people. Personally I think the worst thing is its name. It takes so friggen' long to type. That is definitely the worst thing about it. Even worse then humans dying because of it.

Oh yeah, and that milkshake maker add-on.

Damn that milkshake maker add-on.

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