Painful death

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Painful death[edit | edit source]

Painful death is a rather uncomfortable surgical operation that happens when someone is in a pain-inducing or deadly situation. There are many people that have been subjected to painful death, amount whom are many important politicians and ploticions. Unfortunately, most of these people's careers have come to an abrupt end after a painful death.

How to conduct a painful death operation[edit | edit source]

  • First, get a willing (or unwilling) participant.
  • Then, procure some sort of sharp or hard objects. Possibly tools include cheese graters, stones, mushrooms, teeth, axes, ferrets, and any other thing that is imaginative and humorous.
  • Then do something with this article. For example, rubbing, hitting, licking, sitting on, kissing, swallowing, and so on. Then do this to the person with this weapon
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