There is a killer in your house

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So i herd u lik multiple stab wounds.

There is a killer in your house right now. He is hiding, waiting for you get home from the store.

His weapon[edit | edit source]

He has a knife. It’s big and sharp. He is going to stab you with it. There will be blood everywhere.

His location[edit | edit source]

He could be under the bed. He could be in the closet. He could be in the shower. He could be anywhere.

His purpose[edit | edit source]

He is going to kill you. He is going to stab you, mostly in the torso. He will also stab you in the face a few times too.

His escape plan[edit | edit source]

He is going to cut up your lifeless body and then drain it in the bathtub. Later, he will sneak outside and, under the cover of nighttime, bury you in the backyard.

The aftermath[edit | edit source]

The police will spend a couple of days looking for you, but they won’t find you. And it doesn’t really matter anyway, because you were a loner and nobody liked you.

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