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What kind of person sits there and WRITES OUT a maniacal laugh, anyway?

Dear Illogicopedia,

Ahahaha! AAAAAAA-hahahahahaha!!!!!

It has come to my attention that it is Hallowe'en or some similar celebration of my existence. Let it be known that, for this week only, I have taken over the entirety of this site. I lay in the heart of every article and the mind of every editor. This may sound horrifying but, the fact is, I could be doing much better things. If my boss liked me, you SO know I'd be somewhere better. Anyway, I duly present to you the scariest stories ever known to man or woman who hath ever written on this... site with only a handful of people. I tell you what, this sucks. I'm SO not going to do extra favours for my boss anymore.

Happy Hallowe'en/Judgement Day/Apocalypse/28 Days Later (delete as applicable),

Lord Jonesey David, IV (1643-66)

PS: Ahahahaa!! AAAAAAA-ahahahahaha!!!!!!!1111!1*coughcoughcoughhaaaackcough*

We're a successful jazz fusion ban- OH MY GOD

WINNER: The Mahavishnu Orchestra

It was a dark yet pleasant night. It had just been a dim and breezy evening only hours prior, and prior to that it was a bright and sunny afternoon. Right then, however, it was nighttime, and very dark.

Leaves rustled in the wind. Several twigs snapped for no inexplicable reason. Somewhere in the distance, a turkey gobbled.

Probably not a picture of the monster, but would you want him terrorising YOU?

Runner-up: The Monstrous Monster from the Murky Marsh

The Native American village was long terrorized by a beast who rose from a nearby marsh.

The monster terrorized the Native Americans, stealing and eating their children, raping their women, insulting their mens' penis size, until one day, their great, wise cheif, or chief, or cheieiieieif, pointed his magical staff at the monster and said in his booming voice, "Be gone, you foul beast of the underworld! And never return, as long as I walk this earth!" - Read more

Is this actually relevant to the story?

Runner-up: The Green Ball (Uncensored Version)

Wide shot: street, slow zoom in, with children playing. It's a bright and sunny day. Yes, the setting of this story is actually quite pleasent.
Narrator: “And so begins the day when children play, to fill their spouts with honey and clay. But will it end in the exact same way? Or for our heroes, be it their last day…?”
It won’t be of course, since it’s not real. Read more



Well, you don't have to edit on a computer like this one but enter anyways!

This is a competition, kinda like the Pickles (seeing as everyone seems to flock to ?pedia when there's one on) to 'FAHF' around writing the best possible illogical Halloween "scary" story. You don't have to enter this competition, but if you don't, I happen to have many contacts with the occult world, who can't hurt you due to being supernatural, and angry people with knives, who can.

The Judges[edit source]

Rules[edit source]

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hand of Satan!  
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  • Your entry must be a minimum of 1,250 words and a maximum of 2,500, in order to allow for exploration (but not too much, 'cos that's illegal)
  • Your entry must be of high quality. That means it needs to be well-thought-out, cohesive and in continuous prose. Anything else is up to you!
  • There are no rules! Shit, wait.
  • Entries open on the 6th of September and close on 22nd of October, so's we's can's get's readie's for's hallowe'en's.
  • The winning entry will be featured on the front page for the week of hallowe'en. All runners-up and honourable mentions will also be featured lower down thanks to a special Illogicopedian hallowe'en front page layout.
  • Only you may contribute to your entry. Satan help you if you break this rule. Especially if Satan helps you.
  • Force our beautiful Unhallowed hallowe'en template onto your article. It's hallowe'en, you can force anything, THAT'S legal. (PS. type {{Unhallowed}} to do so)
  • Only one article per user please!

Entries[edit source]

Article name Author Comments
The Return of the Pumpkin King T3PO
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... Mwow513
The Darkness Dxpenguinman
The Monstrous Monster from the Murky Marsh THE Runner up
The Green Ball (Uncensored Version) Darkgenome Runner up
Moobacca and the Curse of Chewbacca RFK
The Mahavishnu Orchestra TKF Winner