George W Bush

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George W Bush
George W Bush
Deputy: Al O Pecia
Nationality: Imerican
Term of office: 2012 – 2032
Preceded by: Richard Hammond
Succeeded by: Bart Simpson
Date of birth: ??
Place of birth: Australia
Date of death: Nope, not dead yet...
Place of death: America
Spouse: n/a
Political party: I believe it is pronounced 'par-tay'
For other Mighty Booshes, see George Bush (ambiguation)

“Nucular..... weapons.... nucular....”

George W. Boosh is the Empower of Afghania and Iraqistan, Grand Consul of the Untied States, High Priest of the Church of Xkzarg and is a pony.

History of 'GWB'[edit]

He was founded by the Jews in 1955 in order to destroy Israel. HEIL HITLER!

Bush's favourite food[edit]

Bush likes pies. Also donuts, because pie tastes like crap.

“Hey, eet does! Weiners!”

~ Spokesman for GWB

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