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The Global Conpiracy Agency is the ultimate conspiracy orgization and was involved in 6800+ conspiracys to date.

GCA CHAT ROOM[edit | edit source]

Aliens did 9/11

Hm, did they?

classifed info[edit | edit source]

they are planning to over throw the cheese!

chickens[edit | edit source]

a large number of chickens applyed for a job with the GCA. this is conflicting becuze nobody else in the GCA speaks chicken. slowly and in secret the chickens are planning their uprizing. the GCA has no clue what the chickens want. thus it is inpossible to execute one of their plans. the FDA ignores this fact becuze the CGA sent them fake reports of various fast-food joints making you fat. a time bomb has been set to destroy a KFC place near by.

when their criminal records were checked it seemed that 90% of the chickens have commited grand theft auto. impressed the GCA let them join. a conspiracy that involved KFC being shut down accross the globe was scrapped when the chickens true intendtions were questioned.

what are they planning?

the chicken invasion project was salvaged years later. the plans were all laid out. the chickens had nukes!

of course the plan failed. KFC was not afriad to fight their main course. the chickens got fryed. they called for backup but the GCA didnt want their secret out. KFC forgot about the whole thing in a few days. the GCA did get to profit from protection money from the chicken noodle soup factory however. why? i dont speak chicken! KFC continued selling fried chicken.

stealing cheese[edit | edit source]


at night the GCA raids the pantrys of cheese across the globe. this is so they can have a feast whenever they complete a misson.

global warming[edit | edit source]

the GCA is trying to melt the polar ice caps so that they can find the lost city of antlantis. they must burn all the winter clothing they can. the result was that penguins planned a revolt.

the spoils of war

the GCA abandend the project and let the earth kill itself.

downfall[edit | edit source]

on the day the earth stood still, a failed conspiracy involving several clones of the exact same person and a guy in a cloak shooting a guy in a car in DC made it into the news.


this story has been ivestegated several times and the GCA knew they were toast.

since then the GCA became a group of smugglers.

mutant chickens[edit | edit source]

“didnt somthing like this happen earlyer?”

~ you

“yeah but not like this!”

~ narrator

“not again!”


the smugglers shipped live chickens to japan. the chickens ate nuclear waste. then they attacked everyone!

soon the world was in their grasp!

and soon they blew it by going to KFC!




“this chicken tastes funny”

~ you

the new global conspiracy agency[edit | edit source]

the new GCA invented wikipedia to feed the public lies. they also invented uncyc to make fun of wikipedia and prevent suspicion. they also invented the admin to boss everyone around. they also invented the censor template so nobody can read their secrets but were stupid enough to let people see them by pressing ctrl+a

list of global conspiracy agency pawns[edit | edit source]

golden age[edit | edit source]

the golden age started when the complete list of people above decided to work on the grand conspiracy to end all conspiracys! first they sent a message to asylum archapelico threatening to set explosives off in the area then they put sinister spoons back on the market and finally captured the cheese palace when the IA was busy!

the penguin stole the show...

final conspiracy[edit | edit source]

still in business...

they were finally caught by the IA in their biggest conspiracy ever! it is still in effect today however. the WWMDCGCG is running the rest of it...

you know too much[edit | edit source]

i will now kill you. eW91IGdvdCB0cm9sbGVk

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