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“yu is teh 1337!!!”

“Yu ar no!!”

~ Pe th wr ev wo in to le

Yu is an obscure Chinese sport played by Harry Potter enthusiasts. It's like Colditch but Chinesier - the rules are all back to front. Thus, nobody really, truly knows what's going on, not even the referee. In that respect, it's a bit like rugby union. Or maybe onion. Rugged by onions - a terrible fate; oh so horrible. But not as horrible as a rug by grue nutritionists. Ah-cack! Ah bonk! A smack! Ouch; why does my floating moon-wobble hurt? And not just a little bit - no, it megahurtz! Cough, cough. Eh, ehrrm. I really should do something about that cough...

Oh, and Yu is also an intentional spelling mistake of the Streetfighter 2 character Ryu. This refers to the time when Ken cut off his legs with a Hoyachop, the removal of a third of the word likened to the removal of a third of Ryu's body.

He died.