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Yo bro fortnite is the best bro! It may have killed hundreds bro but it's the bessssst!!! The fanbase kinda cringe bro but it's cool wit me it's coooll

Types of Players man![edit]

The Sweats[edit]

The sweats are the worst man! that only wear three different outfits, backblings, pickaxes, and stuff bro! They set their colorblind to max even though they aren't colorblind dude, and is a 100% a FACT that sweats build structures like the biggest thing in the solar system man!

The Casuals[edit]

These players are very annoying over voicechat man! they think anyone better than them are sweats even though they are unwilling to improve their own skill, but i'm cool with some of these players tho man.... These guys only wear "Derpy" "Memey" skins to be funny but they're not !!!!!!! RIP CASUAL PLAYERSSSSSS

How to Play Fortnite man!![edit]

How to play Fortnite! You gotta get a good skin and good loot from chests bro! Then you gotta wait until the storm shrinks till there's like 10 people left man! Now you gotta build the biggest thing out of your mats man! Then you gotta use your SCAR and shoot those noobs! Yeah bro!

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