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~ Nationalist thug, upon seeing a long road


~ A Nationalist thug with a cleft palette


~ A Nationalist thug with tourette's syndrome


~ A Nationalist thug taking it too far

Nationalism is something that is quite popular amongst the toothbrush moustache community. Like most ideologies, it's got its fair share of crazy people. But that doesn't mean we should put it down! It's actually quite good for controlling populations!

A nationalist football match

French hat's[edit]

French hats are worn by nationalists, thus you can very easily identify one.[citation Frenched]

Hitler's role in his upfall[edit]

Unbelievably, Hitler was a nationalist and acted accordingly. He once felt so nationalist that he ran over one hundred, imported British rabbits with a panzer tank.

When he felt horny, he took Nationalist Viagra™ This kind makes your penis turn into a nuclear missile.

Nationalist baps[edit]

Nationalists are known throughout the world as the best craftsmen of baps. They roll up the pastry with the butt of an AK47, then stuff it in the incinerator and spray with Zyklon B. Then, stab it several times with their county's flag. It comes out as the third anti-Christ in bap form. Nice.