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The founding father of selfism, Paul Luckafact. Here he is manipulating his own outer space module. Or so he thinks!.

Selfism, contrary to popular belief is not the attitudes of Will Self, but the philosophy of self empowerment of the selfis.

Or, as they like to be known: shellfish.

Philosophy[edit | edit source]

Selfism believes the key aim of human existence is to be able to move every cell in your body and reassemble them into a compact mini-robotic system, that can defend itself with smart missiles and transform the inner space into an outer space module.

Did you get that?

And no, they're not a weird cult. They're a respectable society. Working towards one goal.

To be able to rule the world someday.

See? Pretty respectable! No?

Where do you live? No! Where do I live!?

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