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Satan Bunny

Satan Bunny

Satan Bunny is more dangerous than he looks. He lures kids in, and gets them hooked on narcotic marijuana.

“That's no ordinary rabbit!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Satan Bunny

Satan Bunny was one of the original Satans from the beginning of time, but is best known as 1930's Vaudeville songstress-and-dancer Bunny Satan. This furry and cuddly form of evil is deceptive in appearance, and has been the downfall of many previously-righteous Christians. With highly flammable pellets, he is able to create a piece of Hell anywhere he goes. The Great Schism can be defined as an event that divided those who can say schism and those who can't.

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Illogico is a crazy, and therefore won the award for Aym.

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  • ...that salt burns orange?
  • ...that Bcbkye is still watching you after ten years? He's standing in the very same spot in the corner of your room.
  • ...that Nmesh are to belong all your base?
  • ...that most English surnames mean exactly what they sound like?
  • ...that 'quotes' "are" „very“ „very” «very» ‹weird?›
  • ...that taht... ...wonk uoy did tuB !seY ?oN uoY diD
  • ...that the light in Sophie's eyes went out bit by bit?
  • ...that I too am a loathsome tobacco man? And that my mom knows I smoke>
  • ...that I'm a loathsome tobacco man?
  • ...that no monkeys were harmed in the writing of Illogicopedia articles?
  • ...that this, as well?

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what has this world come to Oh my lawn order! The tomatoes are coming. I am going to write a book with stuff from the Vandalpedia template. I'll let you know when it's on sale in about 5 years. -- George Hamburg Don't you know that hat is made from the hair of detained immigrant children? You should be ashamed of yourself. A new era in vandalism has begun. Welcome, fools. dang it Fact: At any one time, there is a 98% chance that a vandal will appear to post pictures of a Richard in this section. SANDALISM 2.0 EVERYONE Huh, can I really vandalize this page? CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*ck that error 503 on Usopedia which blew up my article :/ Chairs, tables, beds. ẟwẟ

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