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George Dubya Bush
George Dubya Bush
Deputy: Al O Pecia
Nationality: Imerican
Term of office: 2003 – 2019
Preceded by: Richard Nixon
Succeeded by: The Aliens
Date of birth: originally 2/3/45
Place of birth: Kansas
Date of death: It be coming around the mountain
Place of death: America
Spouse: n/a
Political party: Strangled cat party
For other Mighty Booshes, see George Bush (ambiguation)

“Why did Osama kill his girlfriend? Because he opened up her legs and saw Bush! Hahahahahahahah-HA-hahahah. Ha. [Long pause] Bush's bum tastes of crackers”

~ Tony Blarg, Ex-owner of Engle-land on on the flavour of Bush's bum.

“I R not stoopid! I R good Presingdent! I R wearing suit!”

~ Georgie Boy's response to allegations that the Iraq war was just an excuse to move in on Iraq's vast oil reserves, rather than a battle to liberate a troubled country

George Owen Oliver Bush Eric Randy (usually shortened to George Wuh Bush) is the President of the United States of iMerica. He does not care about you cat that eats showercaps. He was killed by Angry Mexican Rebellion in 1957, but was subsequently revived by Dick Cheney, who had stolen a Nazi Revival Gun. This event lowered George Bush's IQ by %50, which forced Dick Cheney to execute his plans behind the scenes, using Bush as a puppet. Bush has actually revealed Dick Cheney's plan to revive the Cheesecake of Doom and the Great Lawnmower in order to re-establish Satan's rule over the universe, but no one has paid attention, and thought he was just saying nonsensical rubbish.

Presidency[edit | edit source]

One day, Bob Dole accidentally called Bush 'President' when he entered the President's lounge, where he has stayed since. To this day, nobody has ever noticed. He became a shityy adsgfofpdd fuckign hdfrsufhe9rgf8vrsghvfd president god dammit he sucksbasssad=sdsad ballszz .gtgdgdfdfdf98efv8efvefvrev, As i was saying, we all fuckin hate george bush

Some say the secret to Bush's success is his calm, collected visage, and his brilliant public speaking abilities. These people are either on recreational drugs, or are George Bush. George has announced that after being thrown out of the Whitehouse window, he plans to earn a living as a speaker. Unfortunately, the plug probably wont fit into his arsehole, and he will be forced to take up a role as a complete social outcast.

George is also the bass player in DragonForce. His rockin' lines have earned him respect from louts and junkies in the world over.

George Bush has been falsly accused of being straight, the accuser accuses Bush of having sex with his Wife multiple times to produce offspring. Bush said "I did not have relations with that woman." or was that Bill Clinton I can't remember but I truly DON'T GIVE A FLYING POTATO CHIPS INTO OUTER SPACE IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW IN EVERY WHERE.

Women who are sexually attracted to George Bush according to Banana Rebels, the enemies of the Banana Republic in the Banana Civil War[edit | edit source]

  • None
  • Not even his wife
  • Blind ones
  • Farming axes, and scythes and hoes
  • Grey maggots and jackets and jack o lanterns and jackals and cats and dogs and brains and zombies
  • Women from Stoke-on-Trent (Aswell as their siblings)

Imitation of George attempting to say "Nuclear Weapon"[edit | edit source]

Ummmm mmummmm uummmm ummm nucular ummmmm um ermmm um errrr weapon ermmmmmm err er ummmm yeah ummm yeah...

Events at 9/11[edit | edit source]


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