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These topic headers are from Wikipedia's Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents, AKA the Drama Board. These don't just have to be "funny", these can also be out of context as well, or simply strange-sounding.

  • "Marxist-Leninist soap boxing and advocacy"
  • "Northern Trains article"
  • "BulgeUwU and mass POV changes" - I don't think I want to know what's going on here.
    • One of the <small> comment reads, "This is not what I expected to see from a user called BulgeUwU.."
  • "I paid for a page here and it never happened"
  • "False claim of administrator rights" - Over all the things you could take to ANI...
  • ""Being held ransom to delete the page unless we pay" comment at AfD" - off topic, but "chronic tacos" doesn't sound like the best name for a taco restaurant chain. maybe that's just me...
  • "Editor making mass changes without consensus to do so" - isn't there such a thing as "bold, revert, discuss"? maybe that doesn't apply here. at least they're discussing it!
  • "Norschweden repeatedly adding non-free image List of designated terrorist groups" - um, what?
  • "Colombian music vandal still going after eight years" - since 2013? that vandal has more dedication than me!
  • "Carchasm reported by Smuckola" - who doesn't enjoy watching from the sidelines?
  • Subsection "Insurrectionists' gallows"
  • "User pretending they have unblocked themselves"
  • "Vandalism on Gamestop short squeeze"
  • "Eda from the Owl House finally leaves the house, as in both Hooty and Eda do!"
  • "Volunteer fabricating policies" - uh oh
  • "User:King Edward I (Longshanks)" - here for the closure statement: "The King has been put to rest. You can visit his burial site here."
  • "Edit warring, told to "f*** off" by Arcturus" - that's a big bad no-no word
  • "Abuse and disruption from Star Fiver on soybean article"