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One day Hunter was licking a rock when a cow with none appeared. So really Hunter had no choice. To save the cow: He must write nonsense////.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

What are the heroes? A man high on cocaine? A man with a pith hat? Or obesity incarnate? A goooooooojle?

Giddle Widdle!

Eyes appeared and ate your mother. No restrictions creates the best content.

  1. No more heroes is not a true statement
  2. People kill people. People love each other. Brave the sorm.
  4. piddle. Widdle.

Hunter S thompson was born in 2991. That explains everything. OLE! YOLE! UYOLE! RUYOLE! WRUYOLE! QWRUYOLE! EQWRUYOLE! Now run along, child. Run along and enter the fat man's belly. For Hunter need new half-digested trousers soaked in LSD.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Hunter was (as already stated) born in 2991. Yes, you guessed it. It's floshback time. Hunter got his first taste of Marijuana when he was at the very young age of .6 caliber handgun. Hunter was minding his own buisiness while the hellyphants where killing innocent civilians when suddenly out of the blue (or cyan depending on your political beliefs) a griffin (Not a Giffin or a Griffin) appeared. Hunter got shoved down a crack pipe by the griffin. Hunter struggled out and put some marijuana in it. His chest burst open because of the intensity of the fallout from the Great war of 1991 (He already developed an eye on his shoulder but hey, that was to be expected as he was in a hot air balloon once). This cavity helped him breathe in the Marijuana and that helped him not die.

Late life[edit | edit source]

He had too much crack after writing another batch of nonsense to save the cow with none/pregnant woman with ice cream and ended up creating three billion more universes than intended. His attorney blew up the universes and defended him in court. Due to the liquid nature of the court the judge exploded. Everyone was fluid and volatile. Hunter escaped due to explosions. That is how the rainbows go VROOOM! Hunter wrote his last book A mountain that had some LSD and got in the way of God's almighty plan and sank into crippling depression thinking that the judge's death was his own fault.

Death[edit | edit source]

Hunter S Thompson died of dubstep and too much fluidity. His skin was eroooooooooded. Everyone did not mourn his death. Then everyone turned into leeches and read his books because they were told to do so by an almighty mountain that read (and was inspired by) A mountain that had some LSD and got in the way of God's almighty plan . The books received rave reviews (meaning they wrote the reviews while on ecstacy) and some people's heads exploded because the books he wrote were literally mind-bendingly awesome.

Disjointed[edit | edit source]

everything is so....fuzzy. Why save the cow? The cow is a pregnant chick with an affinity for ice cream. So..Give every man a bottle of absinthe. Shrooms

Yero[edit | edit source]

It never quite got weird enough for me. //////////////////////////////////////////Just give me your key? onzoG dais "edir eht etak attog ouy, tekcit eht rof yap uoy"

Works[edit | edit source]

Fear and Loathing in China

fear and loathing in a pirate ship

The bacon diary

How to explode a wedding in 98 seconds

The Dove that died

The mountain that had some LSD and got in the was of God's a almighty plan

The gluttonous world of Matthew (published posthumously)

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

In conclusion, Vampires are kinda hot. If they're cartoons. Yes. So onward went Hunter in his noble quest to write nonsense and beauty. He created a whole universe while licking. But how? You may ask. How did the pork pie originate? In your mother's belly when you where a little welly. You ran hither to your mither but never father to your ather. AETY. An AETY cannot have such lofty Fat Bacon. Self-destruct in three, too, G.

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