Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

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Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was a man possessed of writing talents and several pints of fine old beer. Bairn and raised in N England, faix kenned him to be a quaar laird with an exxcessive liking for the "old pint o' the George" and hallucinatory episodes in which he kem across ghosts and things that roamed in the nights. He also liked to speak in Irish and Scotch accents, the d--d smartass.


He frequently visited the George and The Dragon, a pub where he used to get drunk and ramble about ghosts and demons, and decent church going folk used to feel thrills of fear pass down their spines.


One day in the George and the Dragon, whilst he had been passed out after 13 quarts, the sound of a horse carriage being stopped was heard at the entrace. A hellish figure with dark clothes and face completely covered save for a pair of sneering evil eyes entered. He walked to Le Fanu's room without a greeting as if he knew the place since birth. After downing three glasses, he picked up Joe's sleeping body and was off with him before anyone could say a word. The sound of horse's hooves receeding was heard for a long time in the dark, chilly night.

Local legend has it that an unnatural, despairing voice is still sometimes heard thereabouts screaming "Fourteenth quart! Give me my fourteenth quart! God, how long would I have to roam thus sober!...."

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