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What is "Banana Fandom"?

Banana Fandom is a type of rock first discovered by the Space Cowboys of 1806. They thought it was a type of fruit that they could feed their monkeys, but instead of the monkeys eating them, they wrote fan fictions about having sexual relations with the bananas and ultimately starting the fan club known as the Space Monkey Rock Fuck Club of Bananas And Other Objects Shaped Like Them, or S.M.R.F.C.B.A.O.O.S.L.T. for short. How does that relate to me?

Well once S.M.R.F.C.B.A.O.O.S.L.T. took off the space cowboys got sick of the smell of space monkey semen and banana flavored lube and decided to throw away all the Banana Fandom that was lying around. The space monkeys didn't like this. They fought the space cowboys until everyone died and space monkeys went extinct.

Here be Bananas

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