The man from U.N.C.Y.C.L.O.P.E.D.I.A

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Once in love, the Commando Sheep will stop at nothing to make enough money for a sub-let with a Central Park view.
Warning: this article is bananas.
Warning: this article contains truthiness.
Warning: this article is a "your mom" joke.

The man from U.N.C.Y.C.L.O.P.E.D.I.A did not exist until 1938, then again, in 2020. Recent excavations in Morocco. [1] Altruistic Jesuit gunnery sergeants massed along the borders of the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, circling like vultures for societys refuse. Well, that's a bit harsh. Let's say, "shame experiencers with god prods". Smell the coffee, Waco! There's more than an evil grimace to fear when it comes to religion.

The mountain edifice carps away until we all get frustrated. Then you'll want Karl Pilkington in your corner, garnishing the copious banality of your life with pre-cognitive witticisms.

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  1. Archaeological digs at the behest of a monkey colony in the Bermuda Triangle.

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