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A bananuh is a super cool super coolosity of super cool super coolness and coolness that is super. Now get me some water. Banananannananannanas are different. Banananananananananananananananananananananas are also different.

Not only that, but a bananuh has a 99.90909234782987% chance of leaving a mark on your fingers when you touch it. But why not 100%? What is this remaining 0.09090765217013086% mean? Well, if you wash your fingers, you'll wash off the mark. This 99.90909234782987% is the percentage of you not washing your hands after eating a bananuh. This 0.09090765217013086% is not. Got that? Nope? Well, too bad.

Your loss.[edit]

Well to be precise, his loss. Yup, you. You can't hide. I know you lost that Rock Paper Scissors match yesterday with that old guy. Don't deny it. If you do, then that means you are officially… a denier.

Don't deny the fact you wear gloves while eating a bananuh. That's why the percentage of leaving a mark on your fingers is now officially 99.90909234782987% - 99.90909234782987% thus equalling a shocking percentage of 0. Or to be precise, 0%. Or 0 + Shift and 5. Hah, you say. 0 plus shift and 5? WHAT NON-SENSE IS THIS?


It make sense. You just dumb stupid. True dat.

No seriously, % is shift and 5 on the keyboard. Don't deny it.

If in denial, remember to approve everything. That includes accusations of murder, mother, and family ties. Yes, every family has their own special tie. Ah ah ah, you're denying it again.

So remember "When in denial… approve everything that includes accusations of murder, mother, and family ties."

And yes, don't wear a glove when eating a bananuh, one of these days you're bound to suffocate on your own skin. Or is that your own skin suffocating on you? These days you can never tell. Unless you have a watch, then you can tell the time!


Seriously? Yar. Just strap a watch on it.

And that's all I ken tell you on bananuhs. If you desperately need more information, then seek professional advice or counselling. That is all.

Nah, just kidding.[edit]

That is

  1. Used to identify a specific person or thing observed by the speaker;
  2. Referring to a specific thing previously mentioned;
  3. Used in singling out someone or something;
  4. Used to introduce a defining or restrictive clause.

That is what "that" means. Heh heh, geddit? BUAH AHA HA HA HA AHA HA AHA NOT FUNNY.

How to eat ze bananuh?[edit]

1. You suck of the green skin 2. You then take a knife and slice it up 3. after you get your hands all messy you lick of all the good stuff (virtually 0%). 4. When yer mum gets mad at you for creating such a mess you blame it on your sister 5. the end

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