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Banana Peel is an icy tropical nation on the the planet Zizfive IV.

It has a population of 585,477.7 peeple, 493,765 peaple, and 88 people (all of them in one pathetic hospital like building; people can't breath the laugh air of Zizfive IV so they need Bagel implants to get rid of there stomach indigestion), all living among 654,375 white monkeys.

They live in banana shaped houses that taste like apples✌🏻

The peeple have blue skin and rabbit teeth while the peaple have green chests and bags of frozen peas for heads while the people are normal humans from Earth.

Peeple are from Pabbleonia, Peaple are native to Zizfive IV and people are from the earthily planet of earthy earth. (Edited By Nate Froud to increase Zizfive IV/Banana Peel awareness)

Here be Bananas

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