People going Bananas

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There is a peculiar phenomenon, that of people going bananas. When this happens, usually they transform on the spot. Some have inadvertently been sold after transforming while visiting the grocery store, but this is relatively rare. More common is that they fall victim to bananaslicing and end up plastered onto one or another article. The peel is usually placed on the ground, tripping up unsuspecting editors.

There is one known cure for people going bananas, and it has to do with the fact that fruitcakes receive good care from psychiatric wards such as this one; they are simply put to use in cooking, prepared diligently and the resulting fruitcakes then sent to the men in white coats who then proceed to take very good care of it, evaluating them and sending them home once cured.

Sometimes accidents happen; for example, a fruitcake may be prepared in excess and end up at the hospital for treatment of the resulting burns. They often complain loudly, and the staff consequently sweeten them with plenty of sugar so as to make them less sour.

Here be Bananas

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