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Scythe banana is a kind of banana, but it wields a scythe. And wears a robe. It screams about how it has something inserted in it's eye, but you can't remove it because the elephant will kill you if you do. The elephant will then mutilate your carcass and shove it into a deep subterranean vault. The banana is purple, see? Oops, that sounded rude. Sorry, the hamster in the back said so (yeah, the one with the portable purple typewriter). Don't ban me! All my articles might be random RuneScape humour and noob-speak, but this one isn't! I actually found a guy in RuneScape CALLED Scythe Banana. He was pretty funny. I could write about him. This article is gonna be quite long and stuff. Yeah.

The person: Scythe Banana[edit]

Some time between 2008 and 2009 I spoke to a guy on RuneScape called Scythe Banana. He was a skiller (non-RuneScape players would call him a pussy). He was fishing lobsters (non-RuneScape players would say he was being a noob, and non-Internet users would kill me for using the word noob). I spoke to him and said "Your name is pretty illogical", but then all of a sudden he threw some lobsters at me! I was like, ZOMG WHAT IS THIS! So then, two days later, I came back with my awesome sword and sliced at the air, and he ran off because he couldn't hit me back with his lobster pot, LOL.

That was awesome[edit]

And the purple berries made my eyes go spin spin till the French army attacked me. Then I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said FRESH and it had dice in the mirror, then they surrendered.


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