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PC users seem to have a problem accepting the fact that their computers are awful. Macs are sooo much better. What is their problem???

Since they are unable to accept that Macs are the best, they live to annoy Mac users. If you are a PC user, get over it and buy a Mac. If you are a Mac User, read the following section to eliminate those awful "Personal Computers" once and for all!. But if you get into trouble with the police, army, navy, neighbors, dinosaurs, in laws... well, anything that is bigger and/or scarier than you... don't worry about it! They may send you to your death, or they may even be PC users (gasp!), but at least you died fighting for what is right.

Ways to Annoy a PC User (if You Are a Smart Person with a Mac)[edit | edit source]

  • Add some more information to this article. The show a PC user.
  • Flaunt your amazing computer proudly.
  • Spit on the screen of a PC computer. PC users hate to see dried spit droplets on their screens!
  • Draw a big smiley face on the monitor of a PC computer. In permanent marker.
  • Pour syrup or some other sticky substance onto the PC's keyboard. Mix sticky substances for best results.
  • Otherwise deface the offending PC.
  • Be creative! (Unlike PC users) You are smart enough to destroy those nasty computer without help from this article! And if you come up with something really good, please add it here.

If you are not brave enough to deface the actual computer monitor (chicken! Bawk, bawk, bawk!), try destroying the clunky, loud, beeping box that is commonly referred to as a CPU. For those of you Mac users that do not know what the CPU is, or where to find it, because your computer does not have one and you have been smart enough to avoid PCs your whole life, just look for the large, beeping box with lots of wires sticking out. It's not that hard to find. Seriously.

Deep Down...[edit | edit source]

All PC users know that Macs are the best. They just don't admit it because...well, nobody knows how aliens' minds work, really. If you are a PC user, don't bother trying to convince yourself that your computer is any more than a piece of junk. Go buy a Mac!

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