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Obamacare is an idea that involves Obama caring. Caring about what you may ask? I will tell you, skeptic!

History of Obamacare[edit]

Obama started caring when he was born, in 45 B.C. He cared about ponies, his mother and his long-lost father. Obama caring was generally considered a good thing by his family and community, as apathy is a system of response to the problems of the world which has never worked, as watching Fox News any given night of the midweek will tell you.

However, one thing not everyone agreed with Obama on, was the idea that every American should have universal healthcare. Thus saith the conservative pundits, 'Y'all are communists! Y'all ain't true Americans!' just for wishing on the Americans something that almost any other civilised nation would be able to provide to its citizens.

Of course, maybe their real problem was the fact that the United States may have been turning into Canada. More maple syrup? Check. Hockey? Check. That big statue of a weasel over there? Not check... I didn't move it out before the collapse of the economy. Fink.

Geography of Obamacare[edit]

Obamacare is found anywhere there be American soil, and anywhere there be sensible men who hold politics to be substandard to the health and wellbeing of the greater people. Unfortunately, this sort of philosophy is mainly restricted to the Marxist-Leninist Party of North Detroit. Everywhere else, Obamacare still exists, but the snake people and the race-mixers and da Juice took it over for themselves.

Infrastructure of Obamacare[edit]

Obamacare essentially holds that care should be made affordable. Care for ponies? Well it will cost you 25% less. Care for his mother? Like that cost anything before. Care for his other parents? As quoted Michelle Obama, 'I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother, my father, and that crazy robot guy who walks past juggling motorcycles and cucumbers.'

What next?[edit]

See Trumpcare, for what happens next. At least, we hope not.