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  Featured ArticleProminent Prose of the Randomly Indiscriminate Time Period:   Martian Luther

Martian Luther looking fabulous.

Some guy who was on a diet of worms or something.

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  Featured Article  Did You No? Yes! But did you know...

  • ...that Tel Aviv is basically in Wisconsin?
  • ...that it's a free country and I can say what I want!
  • ...that you probably shouldn't joke about coronavirus-related conspiracy theories?
  • ...that the Coronavirus is a bio-weapon?
  • ...that the full-on strawberry rubber-stamped chair apocalypse is here?
  •'s the Amalgamate.
  • ...that -0 is an insane number?
  • ...that I'm back? -Dilly/Dylan
  • ...that attempts have been made to contain mutant Illogi-bananas? (OH GOD, OH FUCK! They are on to us!)
  • ...that fnurdles can whirl, and you're being listened to?
  • ...that Neil Armstrong sang "Sweet Caroline" while riding a bike on the moon?
  • ...that timeline and reality management with git can sometimes make you feel like a git?
  • ...that the character Buzz Lightyear was named after the actor Buzz Aldrin, best known for his work in Apollo 11?
  • ...that you can write articles just by taking them from Wikipedia?
  • ...that Cg098 created Polonium?
  • ...that there is no theoretical limit to the number of questions I can type, one after the other, day after day, year after year, light year after light year[1], polymorphism after head over heals, ass over teacup, Irish whiskey from Dimension 9?
    • ...and that the doorbell was stuck again on Thursday, and that we had to call the nun who owns the place to get a plumber to call a CPA for advice about werewolves?
      • ...and that Where wolves are, so falls Witchita Falls?
  • ...that a cannon that shoots pissed off tigers is currently legal in the state of New Hampshire?
  • ...that I shouldn't be here right now?
  • ...that you live on a planet? Yeah! You're an Earth person!
  • ...that salt burns orange?
  1. A trap to catch people who think a light year is a measure of time. Once entranced by the text of this sentence, they will become subject to my will. I will insinuate them into the highest levels of the music world, and flood the world with Alternative Cheese Rock.
  • ...that Bcbkye is still watching you after ten years? He's standing in the very same spot in the corner of your room.
  • ...that Nmesh are to belong all your base?
  • ...that most English surnames mean exactly what they sound like?
  • ...that 'quotes' "are" „very“ „very” «very» ‹weird?›
  • ...that taht... ...wonk uoy did tuB !seY ?oN uoY diD
  • ...that the light in Sophie's eyes went out bit by bit?
  • ...that I too am a loathsome tobacco man?
    • ...and that my mom knows I smoke?
  • ...that I'm a loathsome tobacco man?
  • ...that no monkeys were harmed in the writing of Illogicopedia articles?
  • ...that this, as well?

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  Vandalpedia  Mindless sandalism

I paid fifteen quid for a handbra. GF says I got ripped off.

Vandalism is actually a religion. Please do not vandalize the beautifile GOD Vandil with your filthy words you uncultured swine. ALL HAIL Vandil! ALL HAILLLLL!!!

I just realized that it's an even numbered year again. I honestly wonder what meme in an Australnesian language will arise in the final days of this year...

I had a dream that I saw Lyrithya at my college. She just said "Hi [MyName]." I was like What's up. Then she handed me $100 dollars and I was like "thanks what's this for"? Then she shot me and I died. Then I woke up. Can anybody help me interpret this dream? Also who is Lyrithya?

I'm sorry I worshiped Illogicopedia. Now I'm damned.

hönk hönk

Unusual units of measure: metric decimal feet, football fields, millilight years, furlongs per jiffy, Watt-inches per Kelvin-dollar squared (feel free to add your own)the fool. the worms that is a book of the bath soap and CVS receipts

actual content

actual content of the church in


  1. Yang2020
  2. Tulsi is a decent second choice.
  3. Nathaniel Nathaniel Nathaniel
  4. How is Buttigieg a major candidate?
  5. Is Refrigerator running?
  6. Why isn't Giant Asteroid running again?
  7. Nathaniel Nathaniel Nathaniel (it bears repeating)
  8. Vermin S u p r e m e
  9. Heyy did you guys hear Michael Bloomberg is running for president?

Hi everyone, I'll be your substitute Kool-Dood for today.

Oh yeah



seriously? why you gotta do me like that?


I'm back.


I'm agnostic.

If you're reading this you're illiterate. If you're hearing this you're deaf. If I'm reading this out loud I'm dumb (in the sense of not being able to talk).


This evening I decided to clean out the Augean stables that is my email inbox. I found this lovely piece of spam, which I deem worthy of archiving as Illogic of the highest order. Well, it's pretty weird, anyway...

Hi. I wish you, I wish to be friends. We have met on the website of acquaintances. I am a beautiful and beautiful woman. I try to discover the man for severe relationship of a leg! i'll wait for your answer, very nice.

3 November 2020 00:00:00 UTC Andrew Yang's victory.

Maybe. It could also be 20 January 2021 00:00:00 Trump's out of office, if he isn't reelected.

This thing is too wide on the main page again.




hi again

1 January 2258 00:00:00 UTC 2258

1 January 2020 00:00:00 UTC 2020, and the end of Flash

what has this world come to

Oh my lawn order! The tomatoes are coming.

I am going to write a book with stuff from the Vandalpedia template. I'll let you know when it's on sale in about 5 years. -- George Hamburg

Don't you know that hat is made from the hair of detained immigrant children? You should be ashamed of yourself.

A new era in vandalism has begun. Welcome, fools.

dang it

Fact: At any one time, there is a 98% chance that a vandal will appear to post pictures of a Richard in this section.


Huh, can I really vandalize this page? eVErYoNE cAn! (。・ω・。) -M 10/16/2019


F*ck that error 503 on Usopedia which blew up my article :/

Chairs, tables, beds. ẟwẟ

I do hope that's actually chocolate you're eating there.

complete nonsense

did you know that vandalizing is the key to life? it's true. look it up, and also grab the graffiti - David Moore I like green purple shark sock monkeys

im big

da ba dee da ba die if i were green i would die
oh no
I'm not dead The SpinKanKler Go talk to me here! 17:47, 17 Aym 2019 (UTC)

That person could've just said "If I'm reading this I'm mute" and not dumb. What a noob as regards logical ways of saying things. hi

my poop hurt

You're not getting an aw man Aw Man


who you gonna call? if i, hi
if this is mediawiki you :)
oh no

big big. like really big if you like big, you are viewing this at? 01:55, Friday, Aym 22, 2020 (UTC)


I have a feeling of BIG




















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