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Spatulation is fun.

Spatulatories are so little they get excluded to a title[edit | edit source]

Oh no she didn't!

Spatulas or spatulation is an experience felt in the prostate of young jewish pork eaters at the age pi after eating a big-nosed unsterotypical bearded, cloaked jewish rabbi's pet hindu. Testostereich Don't click me.

The point of Spatulation[edit | edit source]

The spatula has a point of which is very sharp and impales any red passers by who haven't been to London and see the Blue man group poo-form (poo-form: the formation of poo) by the lactated lampshade. those suffering from spatulation may experience the following:

  • bullet points and other punctuatorial afflictions.
  • Extended brain inigmandatorious (the compulsive reading of Harry Potter books and HP sauce ingredience labels)
  • Gingervitus
  • Wikipedia (followed swiftly by death)

The result of Spatulatationatoriessionarra-etc (Gandolf was Arabian)-liator(spatula)essness[edit | edit source]

Finally after a gestation period of three gungadin dumplings the spatulation will leave the jew who will suddenly implode leaving nothing but a well priced mess.