Theory of Gravity

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For those who like Satire, the satirists at Uncyclopedia have an article about Theory of Gravity.

The Theory of Gravity a scientific theory disproven by Albert Einstein and The Incredible Hulk as they were walking through the park on nice morning and were sucked into another dimension. A short version of this theory would be "What goes up must be an airplane, hot air balloon, blimp, a glob of molten lead, a duck or an airplane." These items won't come down under any circumstances unless hijacked by Islamofascists.

Gravity was originally abolished in the year 1742 by some king that didn't like it. The king died, and gravity escaped from its prison and went on holiday in the Bahamas. It is armed, but not considered dangerous.

The theory of gravity was replaced with the theory of change after Loke challenged Isaac Newton to a Wrestling match of two out of three falls and the winner proves their theory. Loke won with 2 pinfalls verses 1 submission by Isaac Newton. Loke was backed by Hulk Hogan and John Cena of which all three are members of the Psycho Friends Network.