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Hyperspace is a chintzy craphole of a spacial phenomenon.

Ahem, let me start over.

Hyperspace is the place you go when you go to the place where you go (roughly speaking). I.e., it's what happens when a spaceship shifts gears and moves into the fast-lane (oh yeah, jazz hands).

Interesting facts about hyperspace:

  • People in hyperspace experience boner dilation, all wieners get about ten times longer.
  • Every chess game in hyperspace is a forced win for white.
  • That annoying Mazda zoom-zoom kid is there.
  • Everyone experiences facialization, which is a crushing pressure like a pinpoint behind your nose (really).
  • People in hyperspace have an irresistible compulsion to make lists (I'm looking at you, Jacob from Lost).
  • No one can pronounce the word "spud."
  • Something happens that kills anyone who tries to define it.
  • Spaceships in hyperspace can exist in everyone's butthole at the same time due to quantum physics.
  • It's illegal to print glossy brochures.
  • Thinking in hyperspace is approximately 10 times slower because of Naked Channeling
  • Hyperspace naturally restricts the physical limitations of the body, thereby making masturbation and sneezing impossible.