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Crikey, it's my talk page. Leave a message if you wanna

New comments at ze bottom, please.

Do you like gladiator movies?[edit source]

Awfully nice to see you around lately. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 07:42, 28 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)

Nah, never even seen Ben Hur. So I dunno if it's about gladioli or what.
I like to keep an open mind about these things though - bring on Russell Crowe!
Also, cheers. :) -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 22:08, 3 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)
Gladioli sounds faintly like some sort of pasta. Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 22:26, 3 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)
Smells like it, too. ;) -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 22:36, 3 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)
Have you realised yet that you might secretly be a god? The Book of Hindley Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 22:38, 3 Farbleum 2016 (UTC)
We are all Gods. It is true, for I saw it written in the holy teletext. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 20:18, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
Except for Varg Vikernes. XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 23:05, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
>Varg Vikernes
>Not a god
>mfw I hear this horrid blasphemy
2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 21:10, 22 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
How many gods do you know that burn their own worshipping places down? XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 23:00, 22 Yoon 2017 (UTC)

Probably not dangerously imbalanced, to the point of unusuality[edit source]

Does that last bit work? If not, then don't talk to me. This isn't my domain, nor is it my turn to delete anything. And... at the end of the day, we've a deity who can't make pasta, nor spell. Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 22:46, 22 Arche 2016 (UTC)

That's the spirit! This is the internet - claim ownership of nothing just in case it is immoral, illegal or annoys Silent Penguin.
What're we talking 'bout again here? Sorry, me hearing isn't as good as it used to be back in 2006. :P -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 22:49, 22 Arche 2016 (UTC)
Nothing. Also, can you please add the {{Feature15}} template to the main page. Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 22:50, 22 Arche 2016 (UTC)

Ew, I came.[edit source]

I like your spunk, soldier. Report to my office for immediate debriefing. Now stand up straight in the middle!

Reporting in at 0900 hours Pacific Time for the debriefing involving an undisclosed procedure as described in a conversation with Commanding General S. Penguin, sir! 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 17:13, 24 Arche 2016 (UTC)

A full year has passed.[edit source]

Any developments on your considerations? I have been relatively patient, y'know. I still stand by my claim in which the inherent momentary unavailability of admins is a profound issue when it comes to fending off aginst potential vandals and spammers. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 04:26, 25 Arche 2017 (UTC)

I... er... like Oreos?
Seriously though, someone fill me in on this and I'll come back and sort it... I hope. :) -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 20:04, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
If only, Hindelyite. So, I guess I do need to fill you in.
I sought adminship from Seppy. The corresponding replies fill in the rest. 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 21:06, 22 Yoon 2017 (UTC)

Hello administrator[edit source]

I have attempted to create an account with your website, but it recognizes my actions as "harmful" and accuses me of being a spambot. I can assure you that I have no intentions of bringing spam nor bringing potential harm to your website, I just want to contribute to your inherently illogical community (if you would define it as that). I wanted to create the account under the username "Walkie Commie" or "Commie Talkie" (no, I am not a Communist, I just wanted to satirize their ideology) but the system thought that I was a spambot.

Nevermind. It seems to have let me through after my 4th attempt, this time with a different password. Commie Talkie (talk) 06:00, 26 Arche 2016 (UTC)
Good that it was sorted! Dunno what use this response is now, some 12 months later... er... sorry. :( -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 19:52, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)

You are missed[edit source]

I'd be thrilled if you made an occasional appearance. Hope all is well. We are doing well ourselves. Cheers!LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 05:02, 17 Arply 2017 (UTC)

I'm here for my yearly one-night-stand! Should we make a new admin together? -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 19:48, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
Done. XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 23:05, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
Hi? Help me I don't know how to use this hehe.... :(

Hey dude[edit source]

Are you amenable to helping us knight a new admin? LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 00:39, 28 Arply 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, if you're still lookin' for one. :) -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 19:46, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)

Are you a...[edit source]

a... a... a... humm Lolo (talk) 16:08, 1 Yoon 2017 (UTC)

No, he's not a hummingbird. He's a god who doesn't know how to make pasta. XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 04:24, 2 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
I am a big fat yak! And yeah, I can make pasta. But only instant. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 19:43, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
3 minutes or 4? XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 23:05, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
Two and three quarters (plus five seconds). -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 18:05, 4 Yoon 2018 (UTC)

OooO[edit source]

Hindleyite! Illogico! Illogically? 13:54, 13 Yoon 2017 (UTC)

Ooooh, Illogico! *Embraces with a sloppy wet hug :P -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 19:39, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
You back? Illogico! Illogically? 20:26, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
He is a crazy. XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 23:05, 19 Yoon 2017 (UTC)
I AM BACK AS WELL GUYS HEY HEY HEY HEY oh... Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 13:07, 4 Jumbly 2017 (UTC)
Snap election 16:9? Live at Dominoes? XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 13:11, 4 Jumbly 2017 (UTC)
Indeed. Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 13:17, 4 Jumbly 2017 (UTC)
Muskrats? XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 13:19, 4 Jumbly 2017 (UTC)
Your presence is a comfort and crepuscular. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 23:13, 5 Jumbly 2017 (UTC)

Question[edit source]

Can you please just let me in to the IllogiBlog? --(AMB) (XAR) (BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 01:56, 20 Jumbly 2017 (UTC)

Put dis on ur user page![edit source]



21:57, 5 Ergust 2017 (UTC)

I fear it may be too late, somehow... -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 18:06, 4 Yoon 2018 (UTC)

If you don do this I will go into your house and eat all your cheese.[edit source]

Renaym me fwom "Daniel the Pokemon MyAss player" to "Dan-ny"? Fanx!--DAN (BLAH) 07:17, 28 Ergust 2017 (UTC)

Someone quicker than I hath done it, so it seems. But I will still take credit as usual. :) -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 18:02, 4 Yoon 2018 (UTC)

Would you please use your scepter to Knight another admin?[edit source]

I grovel before your eminence in hope that you’ll make this righteous dude an admin. I gravel after myself with no chance of my appendix growing back. Would you please pick one and execute it? Cheers! LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 22:50, 27 Octodest 2017 (UTC)

yes plz do it 00:18, 28 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
A year later... 2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 01:34, 28 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
No, no, me, me!!😀 I have been here long enough, though. Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 08:29, 28 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
2 + 2 = 5 is more aktiv. danny!Text 10:50, 28 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
Granted. I additionally beg to move that Gruntled be titled with Rt. Hon. Gruntled QC. He should be made a 'crat.Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 12:17, 28 Octodest 2017 (UTC)
O Sir Monkey of the Island (would it more properly be "Islands", if we are talking about the Philippines?), you do honor me with such a request. I fear that my other commitments may prevent me from being as active as I would like in such a position. Indeed, as an admin I am berely here and effective. That being said, I shall submit my will to that of the chaotic gods that rule over our proud establishment. Cheers! LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 13:10, 28 Octodest 2017 (UTC)

Hello.[edit source]

Can you make a new logo for me and my brother's clan, please? --(AMB) (XAR) (BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 04:12, 15 Novelniver 2017 (UTC)

This good enough for ya? (Trollface) :D -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 18:04, 4 Yoon 2018 (UTC)
well it has been blessed by the Great Hindleyite of Hindley -XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 22:46, 4 Yoon 2018 (UTC)

Featuring articles[edit source]

Good to see another admin picking up the slack. I somehow missed that Satan Bunny was queued since 2015. I hope you don't vanish into thin air shortly, but if you do, I understand.  Flyingcat (meow?)fr: 23:40, 11 Jeremy 2019 (UTC)

I probably will disappear again at some point but I'm here for now. I'll try and do one or two things to help first, like nom a few left field articles for VFF. ;) -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 11:23, 13 Jeremy 2019 (UTC)

Account creation[edit source]

Hey, I tried to make an account with username "ToxiBoi" but it's giving me this error:

Sorry, but your choice of user-name triggered one of our developmentally-disabled spam-bot filters! Please try a different account name, or if you would really, really like that one, please leave a note for an administrator. (And if you are a spam-bot, please go away and don't come back.

I use this username for most of my wiki pages (commons:User:ToxiBoi & wp:User:ToxiBoi). Will I have to change it for this wiki? Thanks, (and ToxiBoi) 16:37, 23 Ditzimber 2019 (UTC)

maybe the filter prevents impersonation? idk... BSOD (talk) 15:42, 12 Novelniver 2020 (UTC)
The filter did say it was developmentally-disabled. I haven't heard of an already-registered ToxiBoi though. Maybe try signing up on a different device, that could help.

Sylvester Gold is a Fruity Little Fairy! 18:33, 12 Novelniver 2020 (UTC)

Thank the potatoes[edit source]

Finally crawled out of that hole. And what a deep deep hole it was. --Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 14:36, 5 Arche 2021 (UTC)

does this mean you've returned to illogipedia?

Sylvester Gold is a Fruity Little Fairy! 20:41, 5 Arche 2021 (UTC)

hey[edit source]