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(Note: The keyboard just calls it Any.)

(Note's very funny sister: GoGoRiki! GoGoRiki Riki Riki GoGo! Watch 4Kids' theme song!)

What is an Any Key?[edit | edit source]

Because the keyboard calls it Any, it's probably a key that refers to anything and everything, like Chiko for example.

Chiko: A-hem!

Hold up, hold on, wait a sec, what am I saying?! Uhh, the Any Key actually refers to just any key, whether any key on the keyboard or any key to a door. Sorry, Chiko!

Chiko: Admittedly, I'm disappointed.

So it could be those keys from Doom or those keys from that Minecraft game from the mid 90s.

Chiko: According to my online research, I don't think that prototype exists as an actual prototype. It's-

Krash: Shush, Chiko!

So, anyway, uh... I can't think of anything else to say, so I'm just gonna speak gibberish all day long. Ahem, ahem. Gasp-

Chiko: Wait, Illogicopedia itself said you're not allowed to speak gibberish!

Krash: As in, the type that involves words and sentences made by smashing your head on the keyboard a quadruple dozen times.

I'm a-doing it anyway!fviju fijvfvijk mdeswokodewfvikjlmfikjl

Krash: Hey! Stop that!

Okay fine! I just have nothing else to write about the Any Key. As in, no other illogical, or at least funny, things to write about it.

Krash: I'm leaving, then! I'll watch something actually funny.

Chiko: I actually wanted to learn about the Any Key from you because I don't know what it was! It's not on any of the keyboards owned by my friends. But, now I realize I can just listen to Wikipe-tan or a Wikipedian to learn about it. You're no help. Not at all.