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F4 is a button on your keyboard. It makes a secret door open in your computer. This door is stocked with food. However it only supplys breakfast.


“Shoot! I wanted lunch! I already had Bacon!”

~ on A 4-year-old girl

“STFU! I wanted to be an airplane! Until some carpenter nailed me to the wall! Your computer works very hard to make bacon without frying itself! SO EAT IT!”

~ Wood|A 2-by-4

Useing this quick feature[edit | edit source]

It's easy! Just press F4 and eat! *stuffs face*

Uh...what's this?

Where am I getting all this bacon then?

Setting up for dinner[edit | edit source]

In complete contradiction to what you see above, you can set it up to serve dinner. Simply press F4, remove all breakfast items from door, and "accidently" spill coffe and...other liquids in door. It will still try to give you bacon as a sidedish however.

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