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F10, the loner of the keyboard, has long been ignored by mainstream typers (though there is a satanic cult that believes F10 is a reincarnation of the devil), in some cases F10 has even been removed to make way for a second "E" key.

The letter F10 secretly suspects it is an alternate personality of the letter Alt.

F10 may also refer to a Peruvian cola made primarily from turnips. Surprisingly very few people actually drink it.

In Counter-Strike: Source, it gives you speedhacks. its is not a very well kept secret but it is one which many people enjoy.

F10 is also the chess square where my King totally screwed your mum Queen last night!

What? I thought everyone was into chess porn?

History aka. "My Sad Life as F10"[edit | edit source]

The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic for F10. If you look at it closely you can see a dead stick-figure

The earliest known use of F10 was by the ancient Egyptians, it was the hieroglyphic for "ignorance", but as another blow to F10, every single mention of F10 was replaced by a second version of the Egyptian equivalent of "E". The F10 hieroglyphic was even ignored from the Rosetta stone.

For the next 2000 years F10 was ignored by civilization, this prompted multiple suicide attempts by F10, until it was rediscovered by Julius Ceaser just hours before he was betrayed and murdered, luckily he was able to etch a rough diagram of F10 on Paint before he died. F10 was then adopted by Emperor Nero as a Roman letter mere days before the fire of Rome. All mention of F10 was lost in the flames.

For another 2000 years F10 was ignored by civilization again, causing it to slip into depression. Until Bill Gates, avid nerd and archaeologist, decided to put it on his invention - the keyboard - in 1973. Since then F10 has lived "happily" as an emo key can, between the mysterious F9 and homosexual F11.

Save F10[edit | edit source]

But now evil people have come and remove F10 once again. This may be too much for F10, who has previously attempted suicide.

To donate money to help F10 pay for its spot on the keyboard please send your pin number to f10rules@hotmail.com and click F10 as many times as humanly possible.