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May cause duck effects or other egg-laying harm.

Calisota is the 51st state of America, although there are some rumours that Calisota is purely a cover name for Disneyland, although records show that Calisota is under the jurisdiction of Disneyland and is thus a subsidiary rather than actually Disneyland.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Before the creation of States, the Native Ducks inhabited much of Northern California and the Native Geese inhabited Minnesota. During the creation of Duckburg, the Native Ducks and Native Geese united to create their own American state, and thus created Calisota, although an original idea would be to name the 51st state Depression, owing to the fact that many inhabitants were in a state of depression at the time.

Later, Japanese, British and French settlers attempted to sieze control of Calisota, but were driven out by the Natives, but their stolen technology was used for the foundation of Duckburg.

Settlement[edit | edit source]

Calisota's capitol was immediately formed at Duckburg, being the only city at the time. St. Canard followed as the trade centre for Calisota through the efforts of Fenton Crackshell and trade to far-eastern countries in the 1890's.

In 1900, other cities began to appear around Calisota. These include Goosetown, Spoonerville and Mouseton. All three pose no actual significance today, but are important in regard to the History of Calisota.

Afterward, there were no more cities built in Calisota because the existing cities even today can cope with the American populace of waterfowl. Although there are plans for a sixth city, they have all come to nothing.

Enter the Mouse[edit | edit source]

Dictator Mickey Mouse, whose parents were born in Mouseton, immediately took over as Senator of Calisota in U.S. Congress, and eventually placed Calisota under the jurisdiction of Disneyland.

There was at first an original backlash by the Calisotans, but were eventually swayed onto the Mouse's side. As time passed, St. Canard became a strategic rest-stop for the fleet under Admiral Donald Duck, and Calisota was used to test new aircraft under Air Marshal Launchpad McQuack, who was born in Duckburg.

The Post-Mouse Era[edit | edit source]

After the fall of Mickey Mouse, Calisota remained under the control of Disneyland. Today, it still is, but there are rumours of a Calisotan Libertarian movement forming in an attempt for Calisota to return to it's independant control from the pre-Mouse era.

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Notable Figures from Calisota[edit | edit source]

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