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Hi there, and welcome to MythDebunkers, the show that relentlessly destroys your childhood through the systematic disproving of all that you thought you knew and loved!

In today's episode, we're going to be looking at the Myth of Santa Clause! They say he flies around on Christmas Eve delivering presents to every child in the world, but using our special MythDebunkers radar we'll show you just how wrong they are! Santa Clause? More like Santa Implausible!

Also on the show we will be proving once and for all that the Tooth Fairy is actually one of your parents, or even a creepy uncle (Tooth Fairy? More like Tooth Fairly sure she doesn't exist!) and we will be explaining away every suspicious occurrence that has taken place within the Bermuda Triangle using simple logic and basic level science. Bermuda Triangle? More like Bermuda Try Harder!

MythDebunkers, sucking the fun and mystery out of life so you don't have to!

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