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Nothing but napkins was a 1980s daytime sitcom featuring the zany antics of a family of napkins living in an apartment in New York City. Every episode featured footage of the napkins sitting on a desk, and an uproarious laugh track in the background.

The show became a major hit in the United States, rated as "The Funniest Show of the 1980's" by TV Guide. Soon, spinoffs were popping up all over the place, such as "Nothing but saltshakers," "Nothing but kiwis," and "Nothing but empty airplane barf bags collected exclusively from an obscure airport in northern Taiwan."

The show ran into the late 1990's, until it was abruptly cancelled. Ratings abruptly dropped when the father of the napkin family, named Nate Napkin, fell off the desk, leaving the show forever. "He was my favorite character! How could those bastards write him off the show?"

The final straw came when the American public noticed that "napkins" wasn't capitalized in the title of the show, when it should have been. Ratings plummetted to negative numbers, the show was cancelled, the set burned down, and all the former writers and producers committed suicide. One of the napkins has made a comeback as a reality TV star on VH1's "Surreal Life" (in which his romance with an eraser from a 1998 soap opera became a major hit).

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