Illogicopoly (playable version)

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Another version is available here.

Do Stuff[edit | edit source]

  • GET LOST (collect $200)
  • Steal from the guy who stabbed you. Collect $20
  • Take a tour of the base for mental unhealth. If you GET LOST, collect $200.
  • Strike an intelligent conversation with The Devil. choose a player. that player can only roll 1 die next turn.
  • Search for Truth, only to get owned. Pay $7 for each tile deed you own.
  • Advance token to the nearest whatever-the-heck-replaces-the-railroads. if unowned, you may buy it from the bank. if not, then shut up and pay the rent.
  • Hack into reality. Pay $60. This card is now a tile deed titled "Spud". (Rent $3) All other players pay the rent each time they take a lunch break.
  • Go somewhere. collect $10

Go Crazy[edit | edit source]

  • Rize from the dead free. This card may be kept until needed or sold.
  • GET KILLED. Go directly to YOUR GRAVE. DO NOT GET LOST. DO NOT collect $200.
  • Watch funny videos. Advance to YouTube.
  • GET LOST (collect $200)
  • Advance token to the nearest whatever-the-heck-replaces-the-utillitys. You know the deal.
  • Run out of food. pay $10
  • Accidently cause the end of time. Whoever owns Spud must sell it to the bank for $30. ($45 if you own it.) If nobody owns it, pay $15.

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