Leeroy Jenkins

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Are you man enough to take on the challenge? Well, are ya?


~ Leeroy Jenkins on Leeroy Jenkins

“Wait, isn't Leeroy spelled "Leroy"?”

~ Ryan on being a Grammar Nazi


~ Monster on hearing Leeroy's scream

“You idiot!”

~ PPLZ on Leeroy

“It's not my fault”

~ Leeroy Jenkins on PPLZ
Danger you are not permited to read this pan.

Jeeroy Lenkins. The saviour of all creation. The one to lead us to the promised land. The hero.


At least I got chicken. But you no elking ti meh

We are sorry, but the author has gone insane and cannot type any more.

-New author-



Leeroy in action[edit]

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