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BOMBARDMENT! was a forced meme developed by The Simpsons by some random gym teacher who decided to appear at the school for one day. The episode title cannot be remembered because they never mention them on screen in the first place.

So What's it About?[edit | edit source]

Dodge Ball

What does it imply?[edit | edit source]

  • Getting hit in the face.
  • Getting hit in the stomach.
  • Getting hit in the groin.
  • Getting hit period.

Does it hurt?[edit | edit source]

It can, unless you're Superman or immune to rubber impact.

How can I avoid it?[edit | edit source]

Skip your gym class or any class involving dodge ball. If the teacher catches you, make up a fake doctor's note (or get a real one if you dare fork over $20 to your doctor).

What time can this occur?[edit | edit source]

During gym class...

How do I beat the boss on level 5 of Super Mario Bros.?[edit | edit source]


What?[edit | edit source]


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