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The Roflcopter is a vehicle use for LMAOport and /b/ackup. Your Roflcopter cannot land on unsuitable land. If the land is too bleh or meh, DO NOT USE IT. IT WILL KILL YOUR CONTROLS. Your Roflcopter is fueled by 3.14/1337. This can only be found on sites such as and If you cannot find it, use regular bbq, or BOOT BEER. A roflcopper is a police who uses a roflcopter. Yeah, that's it. You will imagination boxes, XD control panels, and 1336 understanding.

Grip the XD wheel, put your imagination box on your head, and eat a sammich. Then turn left right or up or down or SPINNING to fly in the air like a bird

Warning[edit | edit source]

You’re not man enough to ride the Roflcopter. That thing will straight up, flat out, totally and utterly mess you up if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you clearly do not.

Stay far, far, far away from the Roflcopter, little boy.

Lol[edit | edit source]

         ___^___ _
 L    __/      [] \    
LOL===__           \ 
 L      \___ ___ ___]
              I   I

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