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Seen here, The REAL mickey mouse.

The term creepypasta is a neologism referring to a specific form of copypasta designed to frighten the reader on internet forums. These short stories, copied and pasted by users who often remain anonymous, are typically left without citing the original source. Due to the generational nature of their transmission, the original source is probably not known.


Urban legends or scary stories circumventing the internet, many times revolving around videos or pictures said to cause psychological trauma. Examples include Suicidemouse.avi, looped footage of a sad Mickey Mouse walking down a road with strange noises and visual distortion said to be a discarded cartoon created by Walt Disney; and Smile Dog, a picture of a husky with large human teeth and a mysterious hand in the background said to cause viewers to become suicidal.


Creepypasta has been around in different variations and called different things as long as the internet has been around. First starting out on BBSs and then migrating to usenet. Creepypasta has especially spread through 4chan, where it got its name as a derivative of Copypasta.

Example of creepypasta[edit]

Main article: Spongebob lost episode

Fun facts[edit]

  • 93% of all creepypastas end with the phrase "And then a skeleton popped out". The other 6% are just rip-offs of Suicidemouse.avi[1]
  • 40% of all creepypasta comes from 4chan's /x/ board. The rest comes from your basement. Unless you don't have a basement, in which case[2]
  • If creepypasta's anything to go by, then don't watch anything which is audio video interleave, especially if it was given to you. It's a trap!!!![3]
  • Never search on google "Huskies with teeth". Ever.


  1. Watch it for yourself, I'm not stopping you.
  2. OMG!! WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU??!! (see below)
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