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Nyan cat is an internet meme created by Prguitarman. It revolves around a cute little cat, commonly referred to as Nyan.cat, which spirals around a never-ending universe while "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" plays in the background. It has become a Youtube sensation, despite having stricken a sour note with the EDiots and /b/tards out there. A couple of computer games have been based off of it.

The original[edit | edit source]

The spin-offs![edit | edit source]

Like any good meme, there are spin-offs. These are THE BEST:

Tac-Nayn ( Tac-9 )[edit | edit source]

Tac-Nayn( pronounced "Tac-Nine" ), I say this one is WAY better, it is made by Urijahuri on youtube:
Tacnayn, (pronounced Tac-9, or in his native tongue a complex series of clicks and shrill cries) his very name brings children to tears. Tacnayn’s return heralds the end of reality as we know it; within the next year the seas will boil and skulls will rain down from blood-filled clouds. (Parents remember to keep your children indoors for the skull rain thing.) Every 22079460347 years Tacnayn’s universe, the reverse-verse, merges with our own in a battle for reality supremacy! Donning the evil belgian-waffle armor Tacnayn cannot be harmed by our puny mortal weapons; only his arch-nemesis, NYAN CAT is powerful enough to tear through his golden, delicious hide.
So, remember to keep your eye out for blood red clouds and boiling seas; just stay in those days and make yourself some hot-pockets.

Other spin-offs[edit | edit source]

  • Pika nyan cat
  • Sushi Nyan

And many, many more....[1]

Nyan cat.... ....is real?[edit | edit source]

In the Welsh congo, a couple of people have claimed to have seen "alien UFOs" in the sky, but unlike your average description, just check this out:

“A very, very faint noise which sound like "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya" was heard. I had a very large body, and cat-like head, arms and legs. It had a near-expressionless face, and jigged along in a weird fashion. A very faint-looking coloured, rainbow-like structure was shooting out of it's anus. And most of all, it's body almost looked like a poptart.”

~ {{{2}}}

Nyan cat: The new rick-roll?[edit | edit source]

After Rebbeca Black's Friday video was removed from Youtube, a Youtube user called createyourownway made a supposed re-upload of it, but it turned out to be what he called a "Nyan-Roll". His video was taken down, but many other videos of Nyan-rolls have been made. So does that mean: Is Nyan-Cat the new Rick-Roll?

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