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Zero Wing has listed! For such game as is Zero Wing, has be release in of 1989-for. Release was the famous and meme, for the sentence, that bases all of the player are belong to them of us.

Of the game[edit | edit source]

The game was, for info, of organised man who call him 'CATS'. CATS = acronym? Acrylic nobody knowing that? Mink.

CATS of finery, the cat. Organised intro:

  • Of listed.
  • Captain! Has signal, channel 32124.
  • Screen has turn on activate.
  • List your ferrets.
  • Main screen! CATS! THOU ART CAPTAIN!
  • Hahahahamwa!
  • More thou bases belong to me. They are belong of me.
  • You of what?! What?!
  • What you say?
  • You is of saying nothing. Make no chance.
  • No survival.
  • Engrish for time!
  • Windows Defender for great justice!
  • Main Screen Turn On
  • Windows 95 Boot
  • You have no survives make your time
  • All your base are belong to the military industrial complex

For certainty, we ask. But game's rest have boredom in it. With shooting the green large spaceships for justice.

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