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When[edit | edit source]

A Palm Face is a very useful thing to use when your friends are annoying you, or if your girlfriend slaps you, or if your pet monkey attacks you, or if someone shows you this, or is Barack Obama loses the game, or if you get a question wrong in the ultimate test, or if you read this, or if you die, etc. etc.

How[edit | edit source]

To perform a Palm Face, go up to your friends, your girlfriend, your pet monkey, who ever showed you this, Barack Obama, whoever showed you the ultimate test, your mother, your murderer, etc. etc. and simply put your palm up to their face. It is more effective if you put your palm up to their face really fast, almost fast enough to break their nose. Once you have performed this, then the Palm Face is complete. The last thing you must do is announce that you just lost the game.

Who[edit | edit source]

Palm Faces are copyrighted by two randoms who have too much time on their hands and still live with their parents.

Other[edit | edit source]


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